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Would a blog from Emily or Jake interest you???

I’m gonna issue one more challenge. Get me 100 likes by the end of the day (PST) and not only will I release the first blog, but I’m also going to release Emily or Jake’s blog from their first year anniversary. Jake’s Story left you with the two of them thinking about going away to Napa for their anniversary. I haven’t written this one yet but it’s been on my mind. It could be from Emily or Jake. Gonna start writing now. Get on your phones and start calling your friends.

PS – I gotta ask Linda Saechao- did you hack into your husband’s FB acct and like me for him? LOL!

2 Responses to Would a blog from Emily or Jake interest you???

  1. Anonymous says:

    I did in fact hack into my husband’s account! 🙂 Books keep me entertained while he hogs the TV watching the Golf Channel. In my mind…it’s well worth it!

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