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What’s on my mind these days

Did you all like the throwback (Circa 1814 Part 2) post?  The first paragraph where Jane talks about her secret obsession with Regency romance is all me.  I love those novels and there was a period where I read almost a novel a day for a good six months – all Regency romance.  I had the good fortune of starting my Regency tour with author Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflower series and I never looked back.  Of course I read other genres, but during those happy months, Regency was my manna.

Of all the blog I’d written, this one was the hardest.  Even with 100+ Regency novels under my belt, I couldn’t remember any of the terminologies once I started writing.  I had to read another 3 novels (Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series) to get myself back in with the Regency lingo.  For those of you unfamiliar with some of the vocabulary, I hope that didn’t detract from the storyline.  There’s one more Circa 1814 to come on Monday, where you’ll see our Duke, Maximillian Arthur Davis, show off “His Grace” side.

I know many of you are conflicted with our two men.  At this very moment, I love both Max and Donovan equally.  Well…one man actually has an edge but that’d be telling.  I’m into the March blogs right now and I do have a climax and ending planned out in my head for this story, but nothing is written in stone, and it ain’t over till it’s published on the screen.  So…if you like, I’m happy to hear your pleas as to which man should win our Jane’s heart.  But, you gotta be able to back up what you want.

On a different note, I have another idea in my head for my website and wanted your input.  What I do best, I think, is not writing but eating.  LOL!   My knowledge of and experiences with food is extensive.  99% of the restaurants you’ve read about in my writings are from personal experience.  My first choice blog was a food blog but I couldn’t come up with any special way to present my knowledge.  I was thinking of setting up one more blog on my website called “What I’m eating, what I’m reading.”  I do also read a lot and I know when looking for the next book to read, it could be a bit random.  While I’m not an expert at all the latest books, I thought if you’d all write in with what you’re reading as well as eating, this could become a fun dialogue.  What do you think?  This does mean you’ll be receiving 3 blogs from me.  It concerns me that I’ll tire you out with my voice.  I suppose you could just unsubscribe if that’s the case.

These are all the things on my mind, along with the March storyline.  You’ll meet a glamorous new woman in February, and another sweet girl in March.  How do these two women fit into the story?  You’ll have to wait to find out.

3 Responses to What’s on my mind these days

  1. Anfa says:

    I love your new blog idea. Food & books are my favourite things in life!

    Still unsure who I like more….I loved Max but I like Donovan more and more after each blog. Jane is one lucky gal! I’m well jel : (

  2. Jodi Pollard says:

    Firstly I think your food blog is a great idea, for two reason one because it would be great to see what others do and secondly because my husband and I are traveling from Australia to LA, San Francisco, Seattle and New York so I would like to get idea on place other people like and would recommend, in saying that I will have to re-read Emily and Jakes story’s so I can write down where they eat so when we are holidaying we can eat there or if I see it I can tell my husband “oh that is where Emily and Jake had a meal” and then I would have to explain who they were but if I refer to the poster kiss then he would know what I am talking about.

    As for who I want Jane to end up with, I would have to say Max. The reason for this is I want to read more of their poster kisses and from the New York blog where he was talking to the twin and said how he may love his aunty Jane and that one day he might be family…. My heart melted with the end of that blog….

  3. OMG I love it !! Love the fact that max showed up 🙂 , it’s hard to choose who she should stay with I love them both , although I’m leaning more towards Donovan simply becauseemily and max have history and it’s weird because now Jane and Emily are sisters , not we shall see still undecided

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