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What now?

Now that the deed is done and all seems honky dory, where do we go from here with Max and Jane?  Well, I shall tell you where we go from here, kinda…

3-11-2013  (Almost) Shocking confession!
3-14-2013  Shocking(er) confession!!
3-18-2013  Shocking(est) confession!!!
3-21-2013  F***!  Did that just happen?
3-25-2013  Aaargh!!!
3-28-2013  Dem Bones

Those are the titles of this month’s blogs, starting Monday.  Lots of craziness happening this month that’ll leave you in angst, cursing me for the next one sooner than the four-day gap.  I’m also going out of the country in less than two weeks, so the blogs may not be posted at its usual 12:01am PST.  I’ll have them on timer, but that timer has failed me many times.  I’ll do my best!

Unlikely Attraction is at a standstill with all the MJ writings I’ve been doing.  I believe April blogs are 70+ pages long and I’m almost halfway into May.  Sadly, MJ will end in July, possibly Aug.  Silly, but I’m a bit bereft thinking about not having Max and Jane in my life on a daily basis.  That was the main reason why I wanted to continue the blog with UA, but that one keeps turning into a book.  Anyhow, with the LONG plane ride, I hope to get more UA writing done so you can read it as soon as possible.  I know you all have issues with waiting.  🙂

Have a great weekend and here’s a teaser conversation between Jane and Max from Shocking confession, to tie you over till Monday.

“I have a question for you…”  I cringed at whether or not I should ask him this personal question, but I was curious.


“If you and Emily never had sex, was Jennifer your first?”

“Um…no…”  He wouldn’t expound.


“Do we have to talk about this?  Do you really need to know?”


3 Responses to What now?

  1. Lizzy says:

    I hate waiting so long , I’m addicted . Is there more sex in march blogs ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Monday needs to come quick.

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