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What I’ve been up to + NPA results

Indelible Love bundleYou were probably wondering why I’d fallen off the face of the FB page after issuing an NPA contest!?! Well, I’ve been busy. The past few days, I’ve been working on getting together a bundle for the Indelible Love Series + Entwined! This bundle will include Indelible Love – Emily’s Story, Indelible Love – Jake’s Story, Indelible Love – Max & Jane’s Story, and Entwined. The most exciting part of all? It’ll be priced at $9.99 for the holiday season. I hate to sound so gimmicky, but that’s literally half the price of all the books, combined. I hope you’ll share this news with your friends! I’ll let you know when this book is available on the usual channels.

As for the contest…we have a winner! Kudos to Kirsty Priddy who was the first to get the answer correct. Near Perfect Attraction will be separated into three sections called – Kate, Jane, and Delaney! As for the teaser, give me till the end of tonight, PST, to get up a Near Perfect Attraction page on my website and I’ll post it there.

2 Responses to What I’ve been up to + NPA results

  1. D.W. says:

    It will be an e-book bundle.

  2. karmine says:

    Oh my goodness! DW Cee! You are pushing yourself beyond amazing! Btw, is this physical book or ebook???? and I can’t wait to read NPA all together now that we know the 3 sections! I wonder how we Reiders would feel on the “Kate” section hahahahaha!

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