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Unfinished Melody

Hello Ladies!

It’s been a while since I’ve chatted with you. My life has been on overdrive between spring sports, post season games, a middle school graduation, and summer planning. I’ve never been busier. I suppose I should enjoy this time since my kids will be off to college before I know it, but I do wish for summer to arrive so I can relax and get some more writing done.

I’m still behind with the blogs as I’ve only written up to mid-July. Once I’m up to speed with the blogs, I can work on my other projects. Max and Jane’s Wedding is coming along nicely, story-wise, but I haven’t gotten as far as I’d like. Michael and Chloe’s Story is about at a standstill, but there’s a good reason why. My head has been crowded these days with all these stories floating, swimming, drowning…I’ve a new addition to the Soon-to-be Reids sections of my website.

Some of you have noticed in the beginning pages of Delaney’s Story and Donovan’s Story that there will be a two-part series called Unfinished Melody. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but I get some of my most brilliant story ideas during my tennis lesson. Yes, I try and learn the game of tennis. And yes, I absolutely stink at this game. It’s no wonder when my head is always elsewhere.

Though this story is in the Soon-to-be Reids section, it is not part of the Reid story. I am diverting from our favorite family and heading elsewhere. With this story, I feel a lot of heartache and a whole lot of tears coming on. This may be another Entwined as that book about did my heart in with all the sadness. I hope you’ll like the beginning pages I’ve posted. As always, I welcome your comments.

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  1. Karmine says:

    And the mystery about “Unfinished Melody” is given some answer! I had some wild guesses as to what “Unifinished Melody” was (i.e., it’s a story about Kate, or maybe Michael), but I guess I was wrong on both guesses. I’m off to read the teaser!

    Good luck on your tennis lesson! It’s a fun sport 😀

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