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UA is here!

It’s everywhere! Go find it at Amazon UK, Amazon US, and Smashwords.

iBooks Reiders, it’s coming very soon, if it hasn’t already. They’ve taken me off all the pre-order lists. I tried so hard to get the book to you first, this time. But, like anything Apple-related, everything is a mystery over there. Nook readers, yours is coming sometime tomorrow (I hope).Could someone let me know whenever they get their iBooks order?

Enjoy the Reid! Write a review! Let me know through FB, email, or this post what you thought of the book!

5 Responses to UA is here!

  1. Lori S says:

    I love love love this book! Delaney and Donovan’s story was “cute”, “frustrating”, “happy” “sad” and most of all a wonderful fairy tale ending for Delaney (& Donovan too)! I cannot wait for Donovan’s side of the story. I love hearing both sides. And now that DW has said she will blog the beginnings of Nick & Bee’s story, we will have more Reiding in the near future. I loved Delaney’s Wedding present to Donovan!!!!! Perfect! The wedding gifts from the ladies was a hoot!

  2. DCT says:

    Hi DW, I got mine as soon as I got your email this am. I’m a Kindle user, and I was so upset that everyone else would get it before we did, so I was pleasantly surprised. I just started reading during my lunch break and will do some heavy reading tonite. I’ll be excited to share my love for all things Reid/Taylor once I’ve finished.

  3. tyysgirl1 says:

    I GOT IT!!! Pushed it right to the top of my TBR! Can not wait to read it tonight!

  4. karmine says:

    just bought my UA copy!!!!! So excited! This will be the first thing I will be reading after all my test!!! So excited!

  5. Sheri Seykora says:

    I got mine!!!

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