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John: “And I will luve thee still, my dear,” ~Robert Burns

“I heard you all had a blast last night.” Regardless of the late night, I rose early and called Els.

“We did, Els. How was your night?”

“We cleaned up and went to bed. Nothing exciting happened here.” She sounded tired; I had called her too early. “How much longer will you be at the ranch?”

“We crawled into bed a few hours ago. I can’t imagine anyone getting up soon.”

Els had a fantastic idea. “Why don’t I come up and get you? Let me brush my teeth, throw on some clothes and I’ll pick you up. There’s a great breakfast place not far from where you are.”

“I’d love that but are you sure? It’s far, Els.”

“Don’t you know I’d drive to the other side of the country if I could be with you?”

“Damn, I love you!”

“I love you too. Let me go so I can come to you sooner.”

We hung up and I walked the property while awaiting my girl. What I didn’t expect was to find Nicky roaming the grounds as well.

“You’re up early.” I greeted.

“Yeah. It’s the inventor in me. Once I get an idea in my head, I can’t let it go until I find a solution.”

“Care to share?”

He thought about it for a bit and answered, “Not yet. It’s not formulated enough for sharing, but I will as soon as I know how to explain it.”

“Fair enough.”

Nicky said, “That was some trick your team pulled on us last night. We would’ve been crowned the winner, second year in a row, had you not ambushed us from atop.”

I laughed. “Blame it on your cousins. I had nothing to do with their brilliant plot.”

“James can be as creative as Lilah when pushed. Most of my cousins are left-brained but a few of us have both sides working. James can be a bit more creative than his twin. Ellie is all logic and numbers.”

“I didn’t realize that.”

Nicky laughed. “That’s because you can’t see beyond the starry-eyed filter.”

“You, too, believe Els and I went too fast?” Talking to James Reid last night deflated the relationship high I was on. Talking to Nicky this morning could finish me off.

“Not my business, but if you want my opinion, it does appear rushed. However, what’s between you and my cousin should stay between you two…plus her family and yours.”

“Have you ever been so taken by a woman that you can’t see straight? Even if you saw all the dangers and pitfalls, you didn’t give a damn? You only cared about the two of you and no one else?”


That was surprising. “Yeah? Are you seeing someone?”

“Kind of.”

“You gonna expound upon the ‘kind of’ statement?”

“Not really.” Nicky laughed. “Listen, I met a girl, fell for a girl, then had to end it with her because we couldn’t place our relationship before our lives. My story is not your story. However, I do see a huge problem with your unexpected love triangle. I’m not sure if my cousin, or even you, fully understands your twin’s interest in her.”

Here it was, the dreaded John-Els-James discussion. “Damn. You noticed, too?”

“It’s hard not to notice, John. You need to talk to your brother and get him on the same page.”

“Els’ twin said the same thing last night.”

“We’re a tight-knit family. I don’t know of a closer family than ours. That being said, Ellie will not want to be the source of your discord. She’s grown up in a bubble; we all have. Reality will bite once she understands what’s really going on.”

I could take this conversation no longer. “Thanks. I’ll keep in mind what you’ve said. Can you let everyone know that Els is taking me back home?”

“Good luck, Man.” Nicky waved. “We are rooting for you.”

“Thanks, again.”

With a heavy heart, I went to meet my girl.


A review for a blog?

I know you’re all wondering when Vol. 2 is happening. I suppose the answer would be whenever Vol. 1 is done on my website. 🙂

For those of you who are waiting to find out what happens with our stars, I’d like to offer you a bribe! How about the first blog of Vol. 2 for a screenshot of a published review? Feel free to post your review anywhere. If you send me a screenshot of two or more posts (i.e. Amazon Kindle and Goodreads etc.), I’ll send you the first two blogs. The review can be the same. I just need for it to be posted on two or more different sites (i.e. iBooks, Nook, and Goodreads, etc.) When you send me your screenshot, please let me know where I can find this published review. Deal???

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From my heart to yours…

John and Els will have you laughing and crying today, just in time for Valentine’s day. Enjoy the Reid.

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If that’s not enough and you need more tears and laughter, reReid any of the Indelible Love series10,000 Reasons series, Entwined, or the Harmony series.

Happy Valentine’s, Galentine’s day!


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John & Els

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John: “That’s newly sprung in June;”  ~Robert Burns

Dinner played out like a dream and Els was super happy with the delicious fruits of her labor. If it wasn’t enough that we were newly dating and in love, the fact that my brother gave his thumbs’ up, reluctantly or not, was huge! Now, all we needed was for Dr. Reid and his posse of men to be on board with our courtship and life would be good.

“I feel like I’m dreaming.”

Reaching over to hold her hand, I agreed. “It was all you, Els. James likes you…all will be good from now on. You can stop worrying.”

She glanced at me warily. “You think?” Els added a sigh before saying, “You think that James is all right?”

I pulled into the cul-de-sac and parked in front of her house. “Tell me what’s been on your mind, Els. I know something’s been bothering you since we returned from Boston. Now, will you share?”

Els laughed. “I guess I was worried for nothing. Lilah mentioned something…James, my twin, kinda mentioned something…they both freaked me out, but they were wrong.”

“Would it have anything to do with my twin and I having the same taste in women?”

Her eyes bugged out in an adorable way. “You knew?”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “I guessed.”

“It’s all good now,” Els answered. “I’m so happy that we all get along.”

“Me too, Els.” I leaned in to give her a kiss when a large helicopter-chasing-a-criminal-sized flashlight focused straight at us and lit up the entire neighborhood.

“Get in the house, Ellie.” Doctor Reid announced those five words, loudly enough to be heard several blocks down.

“Oh my gawwwddddd!” Els shrieked. “What the hell, Dad?”

As if he understood what Els had said from an enclosed car, he added, “NOW!”

Every door on the cul-de-sac opened to view the commotion. When we left the car, I watched the ladies shaking their heads in exasperation while the men were shaking their heads in laughter.

And I thought my brother was going to be our biggest struggle…

“Come on,” I whispered to my irate, but still adorable girlfriend. “Let’s not push your father any further than necessary. He’s still an obstacle we need to jump over.”

“UGH!” My girl was not happy. “Dad!” she yelled at him.

Before he disappeared back into the house, I saw his mile-wide grin. I understood this was an act he had to star in for the sake of his conscience and for the sake of the rest of the men on this cul-de-sac who feared for their daughters.

“I’m going to buy my own house!” Els yelled as she walked into the house. “I have plenty of money. I, obviously, need the privacy. And, I don’t need your approval. I’m twenty-eight!”

Dr. Reid was ready for his daughter’s tirade. “You don’t come into your funds until you’re thirty-five. How will you buy a home in Los Angeles on a beginning surgeon’s salary?”

“I have plenty of money saved.”

Dr. Reid called her bluff. “Yeah? Go ahead and try to get a loan after offering a measly down payment.”

“Aargh!” My girl stomped her feet and complained. “How come the boys get their fund a decade sooner than the girls? How come Ian received his even sooner? This is so unfair!”

Dr. Reid, who was making his daughter even angrier by the second, was saved by his wife. “Ellie. John. How was your dinner with James? Everything go well?”

“Yes, Mrs. Reid.” I reached to give her a quick hug. “All went well and I’ll be out of your hair for the time being. I don’t think my brother will be kicking me out of the apartment; he’s given us his blessing.”

Being the perceptive one, Mrs. Reid smiled in relief. “We’d always be happy to have you back here, John. It’s empty here without Ian and JR. James is rarely home and now that Ellie has you, she’s not home. Please come over more often. Bring James with you. We like him very much, too.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Reid. I’ll be sure to extend the invitation to my brother. I’m sure he’d love to come over.”

Anyway,” Els wasn’t done talking to her dad, “I’ll be talking to a real estate agent soon, Dad.

Whatever, Daughter!” Dr. Reid copied Els’ intonation.

Mrs. Reid laughed. “Jake, why don’t we go upstairs and leave Ellie and John to do whatever it is they’d like to do. The night is young. I’d like to watch a movie with you.”

Dr. Reid kissed his wife on the temple and answered, “Queue the movie, Emi. I’ll be up as soon as John leaves.”

“Jake…” Mrs. Reid’s voice meant business. “We are giving Ellie and her man some privacy!” She could be stern when needed. Dr. Reid stared back at his wife. She fought back with, “I still have my house, where you used to visit me when we were dating, and I’d be happy to give it to our daughter when the tenant leaves.”

“Really, Mom?” my girl asked with hope.

“NO!” her father responded. “I’m heading up to join your mother. I expect you,” he pointed at me, “to be on your best behavior.”

“Yes, Sir.” I had to chuckle as soon as Dr. Reid turned his back on us. His wife had won this round. “Let’s go make out in the guest bedroom,” I suggested. “If your father asks, I’m still retrieving some of my belongings.”

Els giggled. “You’re a genius.”

“I’m just a man who’s been interrupted one too many times tonight.”

I led my girlfriend to the guest room, hoping Mrs. Reid would keep her husband as busy as I planned to keep my girlfriend.



John & Elizabeth Vol. 1 – DONE!

Vol. 1 is done and off to be edited. Pre-order your copy now! Book is will be released on Valentine’s Day.

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Have a wonderfully long weekend!


John & Elizabeth’s Tale Coming Soon!

After surviving EIGHTEEN college applications and THIRTY essays, I (kind of) feel like I can breathe again. Now, my son wants me to look over his essays for scholarship applications. (Insert tired emoji) It truly takes a village to send a kid off to college.

I’ve been writing where I can and I have four blogs left before Vol. 1 ends. I’m hoping to have these done within the week and off to be edited. Actually, I have to be done asap since I’ve put my books on pre-order for both Kindle, iBooks, and Smashwords. I’m excited to announce that The Improbable Tale of John & Elizabeth Vol. 1 will be released on Valentine’s Day! In the meanwhile, I’m going to stop sending out Monday and Thursday blogs until after the book has been published. I know we started the new year with John finally getting his say. You’ll be glad I’ve saved all he had to say for you to read in one sitting. Once the book is published, I’ll release them to you again.

Pre-order your book and be the first one to see what exactly causes John to say good-bye to his love. Until Valentine’s Day, keep in touch and let me know what you think of these two love birds. If I’m not inundated with more essays to read, I’ll try and send out a surprise blog or two.



What’s happening + A contest!

Hi Ladies!

It’s been a very long summer and fall for our household. This summer was filled with four trips to the east coast for softball and golf, SAT prep courses for DG (who was a rising sophomore at that time). We went from that to more softball tourneys this fall (every weekend for the past seven weeks, in fact), golf for DG (who decided to try out for and made the school Varsity golf team), and of course, college applications for my son who is a senior this year. After writing SIXTEEN essays/short-answer questions, he applied, early action, and is awaiting acceptances/denials that will arrive mid-December. If he gets in to at least ONE university, our lives are golden and he can apply to more colleges, or not. If he doesn’t get in anywhere, then he needs to apply to a bazillion more schools to spread a far and wide net. UGH! This process is not fun.

John & Elizabeth, on the other hand, has been a whole lot of fun. The story is progressing, though not as quickly as I’d like (due to paragraph one). I have no release date for the first book. Crazy enough, I thought I might have Vol. 1 done by Thanksgiving. HA! What a funny thought! Anyhoo, speaking of Thanksgiving, amidst our chaos, we are headed out of town as of Wednesday. Thus, sadly, I will not be posting blogs until the Monday after Thanksgiving. SORRY!

However, I’ll give all of you a guess at where we are headed for our vacay. Winner will read all the blogs I’ve written so far!!!! You may only enter ONCE and only give ONE answer. Post your answer here or on FB. Think carefully and wisely. Good luck.



Trivia + Teaser

Happy Friday, Ladies!

Since no one figured out the similarity between Elizabeth’s Story and another very familiar Reid tale, Jake’s Story, I will give you the answer as well as a teaser for Monday’s blog. Elizabeth’s blog titles are an (almost) exact replication of her dad’s chapter titles. For those of you who love trying to see where this story might head next, you only need to read Jake’s Story’s titles. However, these are not the same tales so one title might not mean the same thing with different people. Hope you all have exciting plans for the weekend. I am off to Northern California (filled with pollution from the fire) for a softball tournament.

Teaser: Elizabeth: How Much Do I Love Thee?
John leaned over and placed his arms around me. Turning me to face him, he declared, “I’ve been thinking about you here with me since I left you in New York. I know we’re going at a scary pace, but I’m hoping you’re in agreement that we were meant to be. It had to be fate who drew us together the first time in that crazy busy city of Manhattan. If that wasn’t enough, we were destined to meet in Los Angeles at work. Regardless of the signs and wonders Els, I’m attracted to you like I’ve never been attracted to anyone in my twenty-eight years of living. Will you take a great leap of faith and join me in a relationship? Though we’re not even on the blocks yet, I see us at the finish line. Do you agree, Els? Will you walk with me, hands held tight, and see where life takes us?”

(These two are moving fast!)

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