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Elizabeth: Mom and Dad? Pleased to Meet You!

If Mom’s smile could erase Dad’s frowns, John and I’d be at the finish line already. It was comical how much Mom liked John and how much Dad disliked John.

John settled into the guestroom, without my help, as I was called back to my overprotective father. He asked random questions about my patients, questions that he knew the answers to, and basically kept me hostage until John came and joined us for dinner. There was so much food left over from the earlier “party” that we helped ourselves and sat outside.

“When will you start working, Dr. Solomon?” Dad was trying his damnedest to stay detached.

“Come on, Dad. Don’t call him that. If we followed your lead, we’d all be calling each other, Doctor.”

Dad chose to ignore me and looked to John for an answer. “I’ve spoken with Dr. Singh and told him I was ready to start as soon as he needed me. We’re supposed to meet tomorrow…” John looked to me before asking, “What should I call you…Dr. Reid?”

Before he could answer, Lilah called out, “How about Dad?” and started giggling. “Hope you don’t mind me joining you for dinner. I didn’t get to eat earlier.”

“Welcome, Lilah.”

“Hi Auntie Emily.” My cousin leaned over and kissed my mom on the cheek. “What do you think about John calling you Mom and Dad? Why wait? He’s practically part of the family. All the women love him.”

I loved my cousin!

Mom’s pretty face broke into a smile. “I’m good with that. Dr. Reid?” she asked her husband right before sitting on her husband’s lap. “Another son?”

Dad kissed his wife but didn’t answer her. Instead, Dad commented, “Speaking of sons, there’s my firstborn. James. How was your day? All is copacetic at the hospital?”

“Yeah, Dad. If only I can go away every weekend like some doctors I know,” he kidded.

John stood up with me and introduced himself before any of us could make introductions. “Thank you for all your help,” John said with a chuckle. “Not that you had any idea why your sister was abusing your generosity.” The two shook hands. “I’m John Solomon.”

“Eerily, you remind me of Dr. James Solomon. I assume you’re the evil twin dating my evil twin?” My brother was such a great guy. I loved him for breaking up Dad’s frown; his lips kind of upturned.

“Yes, my brother is definitely the better half of the Solomons as Els, I’m sure you’ll agree, is your better twin.”

“I’ll agree she’s the savvier twin—two trips to New York in the past ten days.” I hugged my brother for diffusing any and all awkwardness.

“I promise to take your weekends for the next month.”

“Yeah, right.” My brother wasn’t convinced. “You say that until John has a weekend off. I think I need this in writing, or on tape. Mom, you have paper and pencil here somewhere?”

“If I worked in cardiology, I’d offer to take your weekends, too, James.”

“Sure,” my twin teased, “you can say that because you have no chance of taking my weekends.”

I adored this camaraderie. “Speaking of James, do you know where John’s brother is? John can’t get a hold of him.”

James finally solved the mystery. “James went camping with some friends. He told me he was going to be in some remote area. I assume he’ll be back Sunday since a group of us from the hospital are having dinner on Monday.”

John looked a little worried. “I can figure out where our apartment is located, but I don’t have a key.” He didn’t have to say anymore.

Mom jumped in with, “Any son of mine is more than welcome to stay here as long as he wants.” I don’t know that I’ve ever loved my mother as much as I did now. She made her awesome declaration even better by adding, “Right, Jake? Our children are welcome to stay with us as long as they like?”

Dad’s groan was louder than our laughter.


What’s happening + A contest!

Hi Ladies!

It’s been a very long summer and fall for our household. This summer was filled with four trips to the east coast for softball and golf, SAT prep courses for DG (who was a rising sophomore at that time). We went from that to more softball tourneys this fall (every weekend for the past seven weeks, in fact), golf for DG (who decided to try out for and made the school Varsity golf team), and of course, college applications for my son who is a senior this year. After writing SIXTEEN essays/short-answer questions, he applied, early action, and is awaiting acceptances/denials that will arrive mid-December. If he gets in to at least ONE university, our lives are golden and he can apply to more colleges, or not. If he doesn’t get in anywhere, then he needs to apply to a bazillion more schools to spread a far and wide net. UGH! This process is not fun.

John & Elizabeth, on the other hand, has been a whole lot of fun. The story is progressing, though not as quickly as I’d like (due to paragraph one). I have no release date for the first book. Crazy enough, I thought I might have Vol. 1 done by Thanksgiving. HA! What a funny thought! Anyhoo, speaking of Thanksgiving, amidst our chaos, we are headed out of town as of Wednesday. Thus, sadly, I will not be posting blogs until the Monday after Thanksgiving. SORRY!

However, I’ll give all of you a guess at where we are headed for our vacay. Winner will read all the blogs I’ve written so far!!!! You may only enter ONCE and only give ONE answer. Post your answer here or on FB. Think carefully and wisely. Good luck.



Trivia + Teaser

Happy Friday, Ladies!

Since no one figured out the similarity between Elizabeth’s Story and another very familiar Reid tale, Jake’s Story, I will give you the answer as well as a teaser for Monday’s blog. Elizabeth’s blog titles are an (almost) exact replication of her dad’s chapter titles. For those of you who love trying to see where this story might head next, you only need to read Jake’s Story’s titles. However, these are not the same tales so one title might not mean the same thing with different people. Hope you all have exciting plans for the weekend. I am off to Northern California (filled with pollution from the fire) for a softball tournament.

Teaser: Elizabeth: How Much Do I Love Thee?
John leaned over and placed his arms around me. Turning me to face him, he declared, “I’ve been thinking about you here with me since I left you in New York. I know we’re going at a scary pace, but I’m hoping you’re in agreement that we were meant to be. It had to be fate who drew us together the first time in that crazy busy city of Manhattan. If that wasn’t enough, we were destined to meet in Los Angeles at work. Regardless of the signs and wonders Els, I’m attracted to you like I’ve never been attracted to anyone in my twenty-eight years of living. Will you take a great leap of faith and join me in a relationship? Though we’re not even on the blocks yet, I see us at the finish line. Do you agree, Els? Will you walk with me, hands held tight, and see where life takes us?”

(These two are moving fast!)


No winner yet

Keep trying…

Hint: Don’t analyze the story or where it might be going. The answer can be said in one or two words. 



Whatcha think? Team James of Team John? I like them both!

I have a trivia for you. The first correct answer will receive Thursday’s blog, Tuesday night. Please write your answer, HERE, on the website, ONLY (not Facebook). You can guess as many times as you like.

Trivia: There’s something very familiar about Elizabeth’s telling of the blog. Any thoughts on what this is?


Hello + John & Elizabeth News

Hi Ladies!

This summer has been the longest and shortest one, yet, for me. Busy summer schedules inundated our lives and the four of us could not find one week to vacation together. Now, we are two weeks into school and drowning in homework, tests, essays, and college applications.

My high school senior is taking five AP classes and applying to 10+ colleges. My high school sophomore, also taking all APs and Honors classes, decided she wanted to play golf in addition to softball, plus, she’s been prepping to take her SAT exam this weekend. It’s been nutty over here and I’m exhausted. I don’t think I ever got over the busyness of summer and bam, we’ve started a new school year. I suppose in three years, I’ll be off this roller coaster ride. I’m hoping your summer was a lot quieter than mine. 🙂

I can’t say that I’ve written much of John & Elizabeth, or of anything this year. However, I am ready to start releasing their story. Timing has worked out perfectly as we just finished Vol. 1 of Max & Jane’s Story. Since you all have Vol. 2, I won’t be republishing any more. I’ll soon surprise you with the continuation of Reid Place.

John & Elizabeth’s Story will be broken in four phases. The first phase is called “He Said” which is James Solomon talking. Then we move onto Elizabeth’s tale in “She Said.”  John, of course will get a turn in a section called, “The Twin Said,” and lastly, there will be a “And They All Said” to end the story. Currently, I’m in the beginning stages of “She Said,” and recounting John and Elizabeth’s blossoming romance. I’ve enjoyed creating a unique love story for our hero and heroine. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as you enjoyed Nolan & Delilah.

I will release their tale as soon as I can get a book cover. You’ll have to wait a little longer until then. Hopefully, it’ll be sooner than later.

I think that’s all for now. Comment below and tell me what you’ve been up to this summer. I’d love to hear from you; it’s been a while.


Happy Mother’s Day!

“Hello. I’m James Solomon.”

“Hi. I’m Elizabeth Reid.”

“Reid, as in Reid Hall, Reid Library, Reid Hospital, Reid Research Lab, Reid—”

“Yes, all that and a few others. Where are you from, James Solomon?”

“I’m from Boston—born and raised.”

“Did you do undergrad and med school in Boston?”

“Yep, residency as well at BU.”

“I did the same. Born in LA, undergrad, med school, residency and now employed in LA.”

“We have a lot in common, already.”

Today must’ve been my lucky day. The first person I ran into was this beautiful woman. I had all kinds of doubts about leaving Boston and working at a hospital in Los Angeles. Not only was Boston home, but it was where our only living relative—our grandparents—resided. I hated leaving after all these years with them as our parents. John, my twin brother, and I thought it was finally time for us to take care of them. I was glad John was still there with them.

“What’s your area of specialty, Elizabeth? Seeing you in scrubs tells me you’re a surgeon.”


“Ah. Just like your uncle and father, the chief?” I couldn’t help but smile at her. She was too stunning for words. “Any more Reids working here?”

She giggled. I hoped she didn’t notice that my mouth was slack jawed and drooling. She was damn gorgeous. “I think there’s at least one of us on every floor.”

“Yeah? Tell me so I can make a good impression on all of them.”

She giggled some more. “My twin brother—”

“Wait! You have a twin brother? I do too!”

“His name is James.”

“That’s my name!” I joked.

She was now in full laughter mode. “He’s also on this floor. My uncle, Max Davis, and aunt, Delaney Taylor, are pediatric surgeons. Auntie Delaney specialized in the heart. Uncle Max is so brilliant, he can do just about everything.”


“Uncle Nicky is an MD/PhD. He’s more into research, but you’ll see him at the hospital often. Then, there’s his son, Nicky, who’s patented and sold an anti-aging serum and could retire now if he so chose. He’s here from time to time. Grandpa Robert still works at the hospital clinic. Grandpa Scott, who’s technically my cousin Delilah’s grandpa, also works at the clinic. Shall I tell you about all my other cousins who are either in med school, thinking of med school, or in residency here?”

“No. You lost me after Uncle Max and Auntie Delaney.”

“Tell me about your twin, James.”

“His name is John and he’s in gerontology.”

“Is he still in Boston?”

“Yeah. He’s with our ailing grandparents. He’ll come as soon as their health improves.”

“I hope it’s not serious.”

“It’s not, but you never know with people their age. Between the two of us, we thought it was better if he stayed back. When you meet him, you’ll notice that I’m the better-looking one.”

Elizabeth Reid couldn’t stop laughing. “Yeah? I tell that to my twin as well, but the ladies disagree. I assume you’re identical twins but you’re the better-looking one?”

“Exactly, Elizabeth. You are one smart cookie. Stick with me and we’ll be known as the best-looking twins in LA.”

“All right, James. I’ll stick with you until I find something or someone better. Your twin could be that someone better.”

“I’ll show you, Elizabeth Reid.”

“OK. May the best twin win.”


News: New & (Sorta) Old

10,000 Reasons has been bundled and it’s free, sorta…

I’ve decided to try the Kindle Unlimited route with this book and see where that might take me as book sales have plummeted since KU’s inception. I hear all kinds of horrific stories about KU, but I decided to try it with this bundle. If you subscribe to KU, then the book is a free read. PLEASE DOWNLOAD and read all you like, as many times as you like. I get paid like $.005 cents per page that you read. (Sorta nutty how little I’ll get paid, huh?) If you don’t have KU, you can buy all four books for $5.99 rather than $2.99 each.

While the bundle is listed with KU, it will not be on sale anywhere else, as the rules state. For those of you who use iBooks, Nook, or Smashwords, you will have to wait a few months until I finish my contract with Amazon. Along with Delaney and Donovan’s, Xander and Jenna are my favorite.

For the (sorta) old news, Max and Jane are back! No, it’s not a new story. I decided to revisit GEM and her man’s blogs until I create a new blog. I’ve been on a self-imposed writing hiatus of late; I haven’t had the desire to write–crazy enough! After publishing 20+ books in a few years, I decided to explore other interests while writing my latest book when time permits. However, I miss the interaction with my Reiders. In the interim, I decided to re-publish a fan-favorite blog.

Max & Jane’s Story will be unedited, unchanged, and nothing new for you die-hard Reiders. Regardless, it’ll be nice to “get to know” these lovable characters again. Because Amazon has been very strict about giving away a book that’s for sale on Kindle, I’ll be taking down each blog before the new one is published. Make sure to read them immediately and send in your comments. Also, we will stick to the same schedule of Monday and Thursday.

For now, we’ll hang with Max & Jane. I’m reserving the right to switch blogs without notice if Elizabeth and John catch my fancy.

I wish you all a great weekend. See you Monday, again!


Ni hao!

Hi Ladies! How have you been? As you can see from the pictures, I’ve been to the other side of the world and back.

Last week, my family and I traveled to Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai for spring break. What an amazing time it was for all of us. It was our first time in China and the sites we visited were incredible. Because of the great firewall of China, I wasn’t able to access social media so I’m posting after the trip.

Up until now, we’d been so used to traveling to countries where they spoke English, it was difficult getting used to a country that spoke hardly any English. We spent four nights in Beijing, visiting all the famous monuments as well as the Mutianyu portion of the Great Wall of China. If you look this up on YouTube, you’ll see that visitors can take a cable car up to the wall, then toboggan down. The toboggan was probably the highlight of our stay in Beijing.

On the fifth day, we hopped on a bullet train and rode six hours to the city of Xi’an. This was technically a “pit stop” for us and not on the original itinerary. When the kids asked to see the Terracotta Warriors, I was reluctant to go six hours out of our way, but decided why not? I didn’t know if we’d ever get back to China. I’m so glad we went. For me, the Terracotta Warriors were the highlight of our trip. I was stunned by the thousands of statues all lined up for battle. Each statue was unique and the details on them were incredibly precise. I was in awe! Even after visiting all the other parts of the museum, I had to go back and see the statues one last time before leaving.

Also in Xi’an, we biked around their ancient city wall and ate at the Muslim Quarter, twice. This city was an unexpected surprise and one I’d highly recommend if you ever find yourself in China. We stayed here two nights and enjoyed every minute.

Next, we hopped on a bullet train for six hours again and found ourselves in Shanghai. I had no expectations of this city and I was shocked! Shanghai was Paris, Tokyo, and NYC all rolled into one. I couldn’t believe I was in a communist country with all the glitz and glamour. We only spent one night here and regretted the short stay. This will be a city I must revisit.

All in all, we had a phenomenal time and now, we are back to reality. Kids are back in school, we are back to work, and I need to get back to writing. There hasn’t been much progress to the latest book since we last spoke.

Before I sign off, I have an idea I want to roll by you ladies. Since there will not be another blog for a little while, I wondered what you thought about me re-publishing Max & Jane’s blogs? It would be fun to revisit, but I’m a little hesitant only because I may have to randomly cut it off when a new blog appears. What do you think? Shall we revisit our friends, Max & Jane? I’d like to hear what you think.


The End of Nolan & Delilah

It is with great sadness to announce that Monday’s blog is the last of Nolan and Delilah. Fittingly, her parents will narrate this blog and of course, there will be a happy ending. Actually, there is an epilogue with wedding details, but I will leave that one in the book as a thank you to those who purchased the book. I loved Nolan and Delilah, but I suppose all good things must come to an end. I hope these quirky characters have a special place in your literary hearts as well.

Currently, I’ve been working on my latest book called What Could’ve Been. As with each new series, I try and do something a little different; this one will be written from multiple points of views. Each character will speak in his or her own chapter, giving his and her part of the story. Every chapter will be like a piece of a puzzle and the reader won’t see the entire picture until the last person speaks. There’s an extended sample of this story in the Soon-to-be-Reids section of my website. Please remember that this is only a first draft; I’ve been writing rather than editing.

Until this next book is done, I thought I might re-publish an old blog. Taking Reider Edith B’s idea and changing it a little, I may revisit an oldie but goodie (and a definite Reider favorite) in April. I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll let you know after my family comes back from spring break in China. Yep, China! We can’t wait. It’ll be our first time visiting Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai. It should be a wonderful time.

I hope you have all been well. Shoot me an email and tell me what’s going on in your lives. I’d love to catch up with many of you.

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