D.W. Cee

Author of Indelible Love


Thank you!

I wanted to thank you all for rising to the challenge and getting 100 likes on my FB page.  It was thrilling to see the numbers go up and I was only half-there at the dinner table last night when my girlfriends and I dined at Maximiliano’s.  How fitting to be sitting at a restaurant named after the hero of my blog 🙂 and waiting to release the his POV that’ll open the book.  As promised, I’ve just finished the blog to be sent out today called Happy Anniversary.  As to whose POV you will be reading…I’ll hold off just a bit longer before the reveal.  It’s in the editing process so give me another hour or so.  I promise it will go out soon.

Thank you again!  I’m honored that you like what I have to say through my characters and consider you all more friends, than fans.  Now to all the unwitting and unwilling husbands, daughters and sons – you may unlike me from your page.  I won’t be hurt…too much. 🙁

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