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Author of Indelible Love


Smashwords Read an Ebook week

Ebook publisher and retailer, Smashwords, is having its Read an Ebook week this week.  Smashwords is a fantastic company that helps launch so many indie authors, like myself.  To celebrate this week, many authors are discounting their books.  I, for one, will be discounting the book that started it all, Indelible Love.  I know most of you have read it, but if you have friends who haven’t, here’s a great way for them to read it for $1.50.

Here is the website.  Go, purchase, and download to a device of your choice.  This is an option I love about Smashwords.  After purchasing a book, you can read it on Kindle, iBooks, Epub, or the desktop.  I hope you’ll help spread the word and discover a new indie author while you’re at it.

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