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Author of Indelible Love


Possible missing pages?

I have heard from a few of you and I have experienced myself on my iPhone that some paragraphs or pages might appear to be missing from UA. If this has happened to you, please refresh your iPhone or iPad. This is an EPUB/iProduct issue. There is nothing wrong in terms of book publication. You have everything that Kindle readers have.

For some reason EPUB/iProduct conversion is never as smooth as mobi/Kindle conversion. I know that iProducts are global but I have to say Kindle is superior in terms of book output. If you are still having issues, please email me.

2 Responses to Possible missing pages?

  1. Rachelle M says:

    I just finished UA and I loved it. Thank you. I can’t want for Donovan’s story.

  2. Tracey O says:

    I changed the font size and they reappeared just fine. 🙂

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