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Perfect Harmony Sample Sent

Perfect Harmony (1)Thank you to all who’ve sent a screenshot of your pre-ordered copy of Perfect Harmony. I’ve sent you an entire 1/3 of the book. I just hope you don’t get upset with me because the storyline stops where it does. You’ll get the rest soon.

Because my kids start school tomorrow, because I still have two more books to crank out before December, and because my life is always so hectic, I will not send out any more samples. If you’ve sent me a screenshot in the last twenty-four hours but I didn’t respond, please email me.

Happy Reiding (though it’s not a Reid book) to you ladies.

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  1. DCT says:

    For those of you Reiders who have not preordered Perfect Harmony, go quickly to iTunes. I just finished the sneak peek, and let me just say, OMG, PLOT TWIST, ANGSTY ANGST, and DRAMA GALORE. Brilliant DW! Girl you’re good😏

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