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Parting Words

A few housekeeping matters before I leave for my trip…

*Unyielding Love – Nick & Bee’s Story Vol. 1 is published. You can find it at your favorite e-bookseller.
*Send me a screenshot of your Nick & Bee review to dw@dwcee.com and I will send you a copy of the first blog in May AFTER I return from my trip. For those of you who finished the book last night, you know that April 28th was the dooziest of doozies!
*I’ll post pictures of my trip on Facebook. Join me there.
*See you all in two weeks.

6 Responses to Parting Words

  1. Edie says:

    Have a safe trip!!! Sent my screen shot

  2. Molly Laird says:

    i can’t find the book anywhere not on ibooks or amazon US. on ibooks is says release date is April 4th?

  3. Karmine says:

    It drove me insane to have read that Volume 1 ended like that! I’m off to send you a screen shot of my review! Have fun on your vacay and know that many Reids are excited to hear back from you once you get back! 🙂

  4. bazzlec says:

    sent my 5 star nook review to you,lets see if it goes through his time. I cant get enough of these stories. they need to tell each other that their in love .

  5. Ellen Christensen says:

    DW, that is such an understatement! Have fun on your vacay.

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