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Only one blog left

Can you believe in a few days, you will have Unyielding Love – Nick & Bee’s Story Vol. 1 in your hands? You will actually be able to read an entire month’s worth of blogs all in one sitting. There’s a LOT happening in April and though you may be frustrated at times, you’ll be able to move on to the next blog and see its resolution. Of course, there is the issue of the book stopping with the April 28th blog. That won’t be resolved until May blogs kick in.

As you know, I’ve uploaded the book on all four channels – iBooks, Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords. iBooks will send it out on 4/1/2014, possibly earlier. Smashwords will have it available on 4/1/2014. Amazon and Nook will have it available at around the same time. I thought I’d give you a quick glimpse into what’s happening in April with teasers from a few of the blogs.

“Who are you going to the desert with, Nick? Why don’t you come to Europe with us?” Jane knew the answer, but she was making me spell it out. “Gimpy’s plane will drop off Laney and her party in Barcelona, take Max and myself to Florence, and then we’ll go pick everyone up in Paris.”

I gave Lily the grand tour of the house and walked her upstairs to the bedrooms. This was where it could’ve gotten awkward, but like her usual cool self, Lily made her intentions perfectly clear. “I hope this doesn’t sound too forward, but I’m willing to sleep in whichever room you’d like for me to sleep in. I won’t feel taken advantage of if you put me next to you in bed, and I won’t feel offended if you put me down the hall from you.”

Luke surprised all of us and announced that we’d spend five days at his home rather than a hotel. His family home was situated in the city-center, and even more surprisingly, his parents and his older brother were in residence. The home was large and comfortable, and the reception we received last night was one generally bestowed upon family.

“I know!” Shit. Sam had a glint in her eye I didn’t like. “How about if Lily and I both move into this room? We can share expenses four-ways rather than three. That would make everything so much cheaper.” I knew I wasn’t going to like her idea. “Lily will be hanging out here all the time anyway. She might as well live here and make a foursome.” Sam turned to Lily and said, “You said you were looking for a place to live, right?”

There’s so much more, but I think I’ll stop here. Wishing you a great weekend!

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  1. Karen says:

    cannot wait to read volume 1

  2. Ellen Christensen says:

    These teasers are killing me! Good work DW. I am patiently (not really) waiting for Tuesday.

  3. valerie w says:

    WhoooHoooo!!! See Reiders these are what I have been waiting for from DW. Freakin Amazing Teasers!! Can’t wait for more. Now this is the creative ingenuity I was waiting for from DW.

    Love, Love, Love them!

    Thank you 🙂

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