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Hello Ladies!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that Near Perfect Attraction – Donovan’s Story is done! I finished writing it last week and I’ve been editing my work meticulously. I thought it was about time to give you an update on how this story has shaped up. Of all the books I’ve written, this one is number six and by far the hardest one to write. I struggled throughout much of NPA for many reasons.

My biggest struggle was retelling this story without retelling Delaney and Jane’s version of their events. As you know, NPA correlates with the timelines of Unlikely Attraction – Delaney’s Story and Indelible Lovin’ – Max & Jane’s Story. What you may not know is that NPA also takes place during Indelible Love – Jake’s Story and Nick & Bee’s Story. This book is divided into three main sections – Kate Beauvais, Jane Reid, Delaney Reid, and two “epilogues.” Kate’s portion of the book is like a prequel to all the Indelible Love series. You’ll get fun glimpses of Donovan Taylor and everyone’s favorite, Jake Reid, as collegians and young adults.That was super easy to write and the ideas flowed!

When Jane and Delaney’s portions of the book happened, it was a struggle to write about the same scenes and come up with different angles so you Reiders would not get bored and think you were rereading a previous book. In order to do this, I wrote the book in bits and pieces, here and there, so I could get a fresh perspective on the story. To give you an example of this different angle, the night of the twins’ birthday party Donovan admitted to Delaney how confused he was whenever he was around her. She told him his life was too complicated and the scene ended there, according to Delaney. What she never told you was that he came back to see her after sitting in his car, brooding over what she’d said. What happened next…you’ll have to buy the book to find out. 😉

This is my first time reading the book from start to finish and I am not done reading / editing. I still have about ninety pages to go but I’m thrilled with the way the book turned out. It is so different from Delaney’s Story that I have to keep glossing over her book to make sure these are the same scenes. You’ll find some familiar passages and quotes, but you’ll wonder, just like I did, if Donovan is living the same days as Delaney. All your favorite scenes are there but there are so many more that will become your new favorites. You will see the evolution of Donovan Taylor and you’ll see how he “juggled” three women and why he pursued Jane. At the end of the book, I know you’ll be satisfied with the answers!

Speaking of satisfaction, you’ll all be happy to know NPA is the first of my books to finally go beyond the wedding. Once the marriage begins, you’ll get glimpses of Nick and Bee, Delaney’s pregnancy, Max & Jane’s wedding, and even Harry and Michael Bennington make an appearance. Of course it wouldn’t be a complete DW Cee story without the entire Taylor and Reid clans resurfacing along with a fun little Vegas trip with Bruno Mars (my latest obsession) in concert.

This book will be released on February 11, 2014 and it can be pre-ordered through iBooks and Nook. Unfortunately Kindle doesn’t allow pre-orders for indie authors so you will have to wait until sometime that day to order. Assuming all goes as planned, iBooks and Nook Reiders should have their copies by 12:01am the morning of 2/11/2014.

Once this book drops, Max and Jane’s Wedding is next and after that…I’m unsure about the future of the Reid/Taylor/Davis families. Nick and Bee will be ongoing but you may see something different by year’s end. More on that in another blog sometime in the future…

5 Responses to NPA News

  1. DCT says:

    Looking so forward to this one DW. I’ve commented before of my love for your attention to detail in your work, and how much we Reiders appreciate it. Thank you for all the effort you put in to entertaining us with your wonderful stories.

  2. Cindy says:

    Yay! There is a reason why I’m still with nook. The tricky part is to schedule my family and work life around the release date to minimize interruption.

  3. Trish says:

    I am counting the days until I get my book!!! Super excited.

  4. Gisela says:

    Super excited…can’t wait!!! I absolutely love all your books:)

  5. Edie says:

    Cannot wait to read and see the back story into their lives!

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