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Nick & Bee Vol. 1 news

We have two February blogs left called Love Familial and Love Casual. I know this month has been emotional. March will bring a new character and take this blog in a direction you probably didn’t expect.

Unyielding Love – Nick & Bee’s Story Vol. 1 will release in early April. I am still writing the April blogs and hope to have them done by the end of the week. Then the usual editing/inspection has to happen before I can upload the book.

Vol. 1 will have all of the blogs from Dec. – April and possibly a couple of prologue blogs from when Nick and Bee first met. Those ideas are swirling in my head right now. What Vol. 1 will not have is the entire story. For those of you who are new to my blog world, this story is written organically. I write a few months ahead of what you read and with this blog in particular, I don’t have an ending from the start. In short, this is not a finished story that I’m releasing little by little. You are watching my creativity unfold.

Why would you purchase a story you’ve been reading for free, you ask? The answer – you don’t have to…I’ve compiled these blogs for easy read for those of you who would like to start and end in a day or two. It will not contain anything new except for the possible prologue blogs. As I have more information on Vol. 1, I’ll let you know. In the meanwhile, be patient. As you know from MJ’s blogs, there will be some sort of a resolution. Whether you will like the resolution, I cannot guarantee. I believe I read a recent comment from someone who said she’d stop reading my work if Nick and Bee got together. Though the ending continually flip-flops in my head, I’ll leave you all with the the fact that this book is called Unyielding Love – Nick & Bee’s Story. What does this exactly mean? Your guess is (almost) as good as mine right now.

What do you all think? Should Nick and Bee end up together? Your comments will not alter what’s brewing in my mind, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the characters you see before you.

19 Responses to Nick & Bee Vol. 1 news

  1. tracie says:

    Only if he can give her his all because she deserves to be happy

  2. Staci Robinson says:

    I think that Nick and Bee should end up together in the end, becuase I think they compliment each other in many ways. I would also like to read a story about Micheal because he is sure a wonderful charactor in these storys, I think he needs a story of his own. D.W. Cee I wanted to tell you that I do love reading your books and your blog and I will say the Entwined was my all time favor single story book that I have ever read. I thank you for all your work.

  3. Heather says:

    Nick and bee should end up together. Bee deserves a prince charming just like Delaney, Jane, and Emily. Michael isn’t right for Bee at all.

  4. mlaird says:

    I want Bee and Nick together.

  5. DCT says:

    DW, I have grown to trust your judgment in the matters of the heart between your characters; so I’m anxiously awaiting to see your vision. But as far as my personal feelings go, I have not connected to Bee with either Nick nor Michael. I don’t think that she had met her Mr. Right yet; to me, currently both Nick and Michael seem forced and choreographed. There are wonderful qualities in both, but for me, neither is the perfect package for Bee. She has that wonderful sexual chemistry with Nick, and Michael is a gentleman and a romantic, he just doesn’t love Bee (which he doesn’t mind repeating to her over and over again, lol). Yes, all good relationships take work and commitment and are never easy, but each need to want the same things and deeply love each other. When Bee finds the one man that will give her all these things, it will be magical.

  6. Edie says:

    What is amazing about your writing DW is all the twist interns in the other shoe dropping. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us. And I know whoever
    Nick or Bee ins up with it’ll be the right one with the right heart. The adventure is always more fun when your heart is open.

  7. Erika Seals says:

    I don’t think they should end up together. I don’t feel that Bee is getting the love she needs from Nick or Michael. Nick is not considerate of her of feeling at all. I could totally see Nick and Lilly ending up together. I think Bee’s true love is still out there waiting for her to find him.

  8. Debbie says:

    I think Nick and Bee should be together at the end. I do enjoy the road bumps and curves that make all you stories so great to read

  9. Patty says:

    Bee deserves someone who is all in and Nick isn’t that person right now. Nick is a bit too immature at this stage and Michael just isn’t that into her. Looking forward to read what happens.

  10. Bonnie says:

    I’m with Ellen on this… They should end up together in the end after all of these road blocks have been put in the way… It shows the Love is strong and deep… As always DW, you ROCK!! πŸ™‚

  11. karen says:

    So far with the blogs I do see how they can end up together. Maybe they just need to be friends. Obviously bringing Lily into the equation is a risk. She says she doesn’t want marriage yet, I can see her ending up getting pregnant to trap Nick so that she can become a Reid. Hope that you have a new man for bee in March to sweep her off her feet and give her everything she needs. Just my imagination running wild here, but what if she agreed to get married and Nick crashes the wedding! Now that would make a good blog

  12. samantha says:

    I think they should end together but I do like the twist and turns. …im not much of a blog fan and I was trying to just wait till the book came out but I couldn’t stay away from the Reid’s! !! I hope there are more books to come…when I read the blog I feel like its a tv show and im just waiting antsy till the next post!! LOVE YOUR WORK D.W. πŸ˜‰

  13. Karmine says:

    For a moment, I really saw Nick and Lily together at the end due to Thursday’s blog. I totally had this whole scenario of Nick and Bee parting ways. They’d be really good friends. Almost like Donovan and Jane, but a little more special. They were both willing to let each other go with the thought that the other will be happy with someone else. In this case, Nick with Lily. I didn’t see who could possibly be Bee’s partner though. But that was just for a second, it was a possibility that would not happen. Just like Bee understood that Michael and her cannot be, Nick will soon understand that Lily and him are not right either. Nick, Bee, Michael, and Lily all have to stop pulling a Donovan-Jane move! πŸ˜‰

    Nick and Bee are perfect for each other. Some of us Reiders have been saying this for the past few weeks now. Bee is exactly who Nick needs in his life and vice-versa. I definitely agree with everyone, DW Cee is great at the twist, turns, loops and the you’re-driving-me-insane-situations. It’s what makes these blogs/stories great even though we know who ends up with whom due to the title. As for what Emma said regarding Bee hoping to have a family soon, while Nick doesn’t. I think that’s quite easy to compromise with. Delaney and Donovan didn’t let the age gap stop them, I think Nick and Bee won’t either. At the end of this crazy ride, we would all be smiling like fools and sigh due to happiness on finally seeing Nick and Bee right where they’re supposed to be: in each other’s arm, finally on the same page.

  14. emma says:

    Im really not sure if they should end up together they really are in different places in their lives and i cant see that working out long term if bee wants a family sooner rather than later nick has alot of schooling still to do. I would love someone new to come in and sweep bee off her feet and give her the happy ever after she deserves

  15. Ellen Christensen says:

    The story is Nick and Bee’s. Hopefully they will end up together. The title Unyielding Love means (to me at least) that they won’t just give in. They will both fight their feelings as long as they can. There will be an epiphany on both Bee and Nicks parts at some point.
    I’m sure you will throw tons of obstacles in their way, but if the love is there, it will prevail. Personally, I really like the fact you do this DW. This story would really be boring these twists, turns and bumps in the road.

  16. Angie says:

    I think Nick and Bee should be together. I hope they do end up together. I love how independent and strong Bee is and even how stuborn Nick is. I am loving reading this blog just as I love all of your work

  17. Courtney Harris says:

    *she’s the first girl he admitted to seeing a future with

  18. Courtney Harris says:

    I think Bee and Nick should end up together. Love is tough. It’s not a walk on the beach. He’s the first girl he admitted to seeing a future with, even if he is considering Lily right now. They may fight, but Bee and Nick are a perfect couple when they weren’t worried about what the future was going to hold for them. Plus I love the idea of another Reid Taylor relationship. πŸ™‚

    • Karen Runyon says:

      I’m not sure I want them to end up together. Both Nick & Michael look at Bee as a last resort. I want someone to sweep her off her feet & I want Nick to realize what a big mistake he has made. Michael will forever want to be with Delany so I think he is out of the picture. What about Doug? Could he be a possible candidate for Bee? It would be awkward @ family functions but I am so disgusted with Nick, that I could care less how he feels.
      I can’t wait to find out!!!

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