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As you know, Nick & Bee will debut on Monday, Dec. 2, 2013. Bee will speak on Monday. Nick will speak on Thursday. If in doubt, you only have to look at the title and the first word will tell you who’s talking. Once again, I’m in foreign territory with this new style of blogging I wanted to try. This is only my second blog story and just to change things up and to challenge myself, I’m writing from two perspectives at the same time. Here are the titles for December.

BEE: December 2, 2013 Nicholas Gerald Reid!
NICK: December 5, 2013 Bee Lauren Taylor?
BEE: December 9, 2013 Tea with a Beau
NICK: December 12, 2013 Tea With Lil’ Beau?
BEE: December 16, 2013 To Bee or Not to Bee
NICK: December 19, 2013 Bee Buzzed
BEE: December 23, 2013 Start Spreading the News
NICK: December 26, 2013 New(s) York, Baby
BEE: December 30, 2013 Looking For Mr. Right

As you can see, my love affair with titles is back. Sometimes I spend more time coming up with titles to a blog than writing the entire blog, itself. Obviously, none of this makes sense to you…YET! It’s coming soon. Get excited. Be(e) afraid! (Hehehe)

On another note, many have asked about the 5% sample on the Near Perfect Attraction – Donovan’s Story pre-order. I want to clarify that this is NOT a teaser I am sending out. This is just the sample you get from any e-book seller. Whether Kindle or iBooks, they all allow you to view a sample of any book. The only difference is, Kindle does not allow indie authors pre-order rights. And thus, I cannot put up NPA on Kindle right now. I’m not playing favorites with e-book sellers. If you have any iProduct, you can download iBooks and get the sample. It’s available and free to all.

I want to leave you on a happy note (not that the rest of this post wasn’t happy 😉 ). Here’s where NPA landed this morning in the Romance section of iBooks.

photo (1)

2 Responses to Nick & Bee News & More

  1. Karen says:

    looking forward to the new blogs, I see a theme approaching here ….

  2. Karmine says:

    I am extremely excited!!! Oh December! Wont you come faster (even though that means finals week for me hahaha)

    And DW Cee, dont worry about a thing! Im sure you would do an amazing job with the blogs like always 😉

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