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Nick & Bee are almost here!

It’s December and as promised, Nick and Bee will tell their story. I’ve written up to the middle of February and have stopped because I am torn which direction to take. A friend who has been graciously reading over these blogs told me she was on pins and needles to see where this will go.

Nick and Bee will feature the lives of our stars along with the cast and crew of the Reid, Taylor, and soon-to-be Davis family. You’ll not only read about our hero and heroine, but you’ll also get glimpses of two weddings and growing families. If you’ll all remember, Donovan and Delaney got married on Christmas Day.

I’m am excited, excited, excited to debut this new blog and looking forward to hearing your opinions on their lives. Monday features Bee, Thursday will feature Nick. This is something new for me and I have to confess, it took me a while to get used to this style. In a particular blog, I wrote the entirety of it from the wrong perspective and had to go back and change all four pages. As always, blogs will post 12:01am PST Monday and Thursday. Tell your friends to subscribe now and become a Nick and Bee reider from the start.

Guess Who? was a great success with many of you answering a surprising number of quotes correctly. Yesterday produced more winners in a four-way tie with 6/15 correct answers. Congratulations to kimbery1073@gmail.com, vickihumphries14@gmail.com, jenlyn_andrews@msn.com, and ashleylynn8504@me.com! Please email me your home address and I will try and mail out your autographed copy of Emily’s Story tomorrow. For the rest of you, there are copies still available for purchase. You can buy them in the bookstore. Sorry, but I will not post any answers as they will be revealed through the blogs.

That is it for now. See you all at midnight, my time.

2 Responses to Nick & Bee are almost here!

  1. Ellen Christensen says:

    My insomnia thanks you DW. Your blog is so much more entertaining than anything that is on television at 2 am central time. I’m ready to REID about Nick and Bee.

  2. Karen Hrldicka says:

    Glad to know Nick and Bee will be here tomorrow, yeah!. Congrats to all the other winners. Not knowing the answers until the blog is killing me. All that much closer to NPA.

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