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Ni hao!

Hi Ladies! How have you been? As you can see from the pictures, I’ve been to the other side of the world and back.

Last week, my family and I traveled to Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai for spring break. What an amazing time it was for all of us. It was our first time in China and the sites we visited were incredible. Because of the great firewall of China, I wasn’t able to access social media so I’m posting after the trip.

Up until now, we’d been so used to traveling to countries where they spoke English, it was difficult getting used to a country that spoke hardly any English. We spent four nights in Beijing, visiting all the famous monuments as well as the Mutianyu portion of the Great Wall of China. If you look this up on YouTube, you’ll see that visitors can take a cable car up to the wall, then toboggan down. The toboggan was probably the highlight of our stay in Beijing.

On the fifth day, we hopped on a bullet train and rode six hours to the city of Xi’an. This was technically a “pit stop” for us and not on the original itinerary. When the kids asked to see the Terracotta Warriors, I was reluctant to go six hours out of our way, but decided why not? I didn’t know if we’d ever get back to China. I’m so glad we went. For me, the Terracotta Warriors were the highlight of our trip. I was stunned by the thousands of statues all lined up for battle. Each statue was unique and the details on them were incredibly precise. I was in awe! Even after visiting all the other parts of the museum, I had to go back and see the statues one last time before leaving.

Also in Xi’an, we biked around their ancient city wall and ate at the Muslim Quarter, twice. This city was an unexpected surprise and one I’d highly recommend if you ever find yourself in China. We stayed here two nights and enjoyed every minute.

Next, we hopped on a bullet train for six hours again and found ourselves in Shanghai. I had no expectations of this city and I was shocked! Shanghai was Paris, Tokyo, and NYC all rolled into one. I couldn’t believe I was in a communist country with all the glitz and glamour. We only spent one night here and regretted the short stay. This will be a city I must revisit.

All in all, we had a phenomenal time and now, we are back to reality. Kids are back in school, we are back to work, and I need to get back to writing. There hasn’t been much progress to the latest book since we last spoke.

Before I sign off, I have an idea I want to roll by you ladies. Since there will not be another blog for a little while, I wondered what you thought about me re-publishing Max & Jane’s blogs? It would be fun to revisit, but I’m a little hesitant only because I may have to randomly cut it off when a new blog appears. What do you think? Shall we revisit our friends, Max & Jane? I’d like to hear what you think.

6 Responses to Ni hao!

  1. DCT says:

    DW, I’m looking forward to how this incredible vacation will be highlighted in an upcoming story! We got a glimpse of Japan in Emily’s story, so… And yes to revisiting our friends Gem and Max!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Looks like you had an amazing time. My parents went to China, Shanghai, Macau– the casino, and a few other places in Asia and they loved it too. Out of all of the places they’ve traveled during their 50 years of marriage, this trip was one of their favorites.

    Yes, and double yes to bringing back Jane and Max’s blogs. I’ve missed them. By far they are one of my favorite couples. Below are my ALL time favorite couples in no particular order, but here they are: Emily/Jake, Jane/Max, Delaney/Donovan, Chloe/Michael, “Gram”—Estelle/Jerry, Roland, Harry, and new to the group—last, but definitely not least Delilah/ Nolan.

    I can’t wait to add Elizabeth’s story to that list!!

    Can’t wait for the blogs to start again!!!

    Read u soon!!!

  3. Carla Smith says:

    Looks like y’all had a great spring break!!! Yes definitely!! Let’s revisit Max & Jane!!!!

  4. Canille says:

    Im sooooo jealous!!!!!! Thanks for always sharing.

  5. Ellen Christensen says:

    Absolutely on republishing Max and Jane’s blogs. They are one of my favorites
    That vacay looks fantastic, thanks for sharing pictures with us. Any cool vacations are pretty much out of the picture for me for a little while. I am now on full time grandmother duty and he is the cutest baby on the face of the earth. (Okay, so I’m a little biased). I need to live vicariously through other peoples travels.
    Glad you’re back. Take your time on the new book. It looks to be another DW Cee winner

  6. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a great idea to me!

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