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Merry Christmas!

For those of you who received the extra Michael & Chloe epilogue, you know that Nolan has a small outburst at Delilah’s engagement party. Since I wrote that piece, Nolan and Delilah have been constantly chattering, telling me their tale. Because of their incessant conversations, here’s a prologue I’ve written as a Christmas present to you.

Thank you all for another wonderful year!

Prologue: Nolan O’Shaughnessy & Delilah Taylor (soon-to-be) O’Shaughnessy

“We will make the most stunning bride and groom, won’t we, Delilah?”

“Yes, Fiancé. You are as handsome as they come. You’re as dramatic as they come, too.”

“Why, what on earth do you mean?”

“How can you pretend like you didn’t steal me from my last engagement party and plopped me into this one?”

“You kill me, Delilah. After chasing you, and chasing you, and chasing you some more—you have the gall to tell me I just plopped you here?”

You kill me, Nolan O’Shaughnessy!”

“You love me and that’s that. You don’t need to pretend otherwise.”

“I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

“What a crazy chase this has been, Sweet Delilah. Why, I’ve been in love with you since we were five. Why, I gave you your first kiss!”

“Yeah, and you would’ve been dead at age five if it wasn’t for Uncle Michael and Auntie Chloe. Daddy said he didn’t kill you because he didn’t want blood all over the beautiful castle.”

“I knew from the moment I saw you that you would be mine.”

“That’s a bit stalkerish, Nole. We were only five. If you recall, I cried like a banshee when you kissed me at the wedding. I thought it was grosser than cauliflower.”

“Oh, but you love it now, Sweet Fiancée. I risked getting killed again by your father and brothers just for trying to get one more kiss the other night.”

“What the hell were you thinking climbing on that ladder to the second floor of our house and where did you find a ladder that tall?”

“Home Depot.”

“How the hell did you transport it to our house?”

“I rented one of their trucks.”

“You are too much, Nole. Rather than ringing the doorbell and stealing a kiss, you woke up the ENTIRE cul-de-sac and embarrassed us. If it wasn’t for Uncle Jake, you wouldn’t have lived to see our engagement party.”

“It wasn’t that dramatic, my delightful Delilah.”

“Um, really? Grandpa Henry thought there was a burglar so he sounded the Reid Place alarm. Do you know how loud that thing is? It also notified the police, which brought with it the fire department and an ambulance.”

“All the women loved it. I received an ovation from every single woman on your block.”

“And all the men wanted to strangle you.”

“I can’t wait until we’re married and we are together forever, Delilah. I will love you more than your father loves your mother, more than my father loves my mother—why more than any man loves his woman.”

“Cut the dramatics and go home, Nolan, before my dad kicks you out. You’ve been in my room too long for comfort.”

“Do you think they’ll notice if I stay the night?”


“Sweet dreams, my delightful Delilah. I love you.”

“I love you too, Nole.”

“How much do you love me?”

“Enough to say I’m glad you stole me from my last engagement party and convinced me to marry you. There will be no shortage of excitement around here.”

(PS – Indelible Memories – Estelle’s Story is out on all the sites: US Kindle, UK Kindle, iBooks, & Nook.)

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  1. Can’t wait for more.

  2. DCT says:

    Merry Christmas DW, what a precious little gift! I’m getting ready to settle in to stroll down memory lane with Estelle and the whole gang. Thanks DW, for a year filled with wonderful Reiding memories!

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