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Jake’s Story on iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader

I have been trying for a month to get Jake’s Story up on every e-reader, not Kindle, but it’s been a challenge.  Smashwords is the company who distributes to all the other vendors and they keep rejecting my book because of formatting errors, they say.  Last night and all today, I deleted every format for this story and pretty much started with a blank story – meaning, I needed to re: line-space, paragraph, indent, adjust font size… I think you get the point?  Even after a million edits and one professional edit, it’s amazing how I still found mistakes in the book.  There were conversations that began with a quote but didn’t end with a quote.  There were many commas left out.  I can see why legit publishing houses put a book through 5-7 different editors.

I also had the pleasure of having to clean out my refrigerator tonight, after a mound of dinner dishes were done, because a fresh mozzarella cheese tub somehow had a leak on the bottom and the rancid smell went everywhere.  I had to throw away every bag of veggies and fruit and clean out every tray and bin.  Aargh!

I tell you all this to get you ready for the bad news.  Entwined has not seen a computer screen since last week.  Edits have been halted and my gal who designs the book covers (who was out of the country till now), doesn’t think she can get a cover done before Christmas.  BUT – the good news!  I have several blogs written and am so excited with where this story is going.  Wait till you meet Donovan!  He’ll make his debut on Thursday.  I think I’m more excited to reveal the storyline than you are to read it.  Hope you all have a good rest of the night.  Till we meet again in Max & Jane’s world on Thursday.

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  1. Jodi says:

    Bugger I was so looking forward to reading entwined over the Christmas break but can understand the trouble you have had with jakes story I was waiting to get it from iTunes before I found the kindle up for my iPad and I downloaded jake straight away from amazon so happy I got to read it….. I am loving Jane and max’s story but at the moment I don’t think anyone could be better than Jake

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