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Author of Indelible Love


It’s up! It’s up! It’s up!!!

Smashwords finally approved Indelible Love – Jake’s Story, which means it will be up on iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader and all the other vendors.  I am in alt because this was a LONG time coming.  For those of you who use iBooks exclusively, you can now read Jake’s Story.

Of course… there are those two minor characters, Max & Jane, whose lives we have been following with mild interest ;-).  I love reading your emails and comments on this blog.  If the moon, sun, and stars can all align, I will try and post a bit more often.  My hope was to post MWF but for now, it can only work, M & Th.  I know, I know… You are dying to hear more.  Here’s a snippet of the next few blogs.  The first is a two-parter (which means the cliff hanger will only be worse/better/greater – depending upon how you categorize it).  Titled, 10 hours, 2 hot dates Part 1 & Part 2  and Unintentional Walk of Shame, you won’t know which man to root for when these three posts are read.  Then we all follow the Reids and a few extra characters to NYC.  Now that I’ve spilled (a lot of) the beans, mums the word till the next post.

Have a great day, everyone!

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