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Intro to Max & Jane’s Story

Max & Jane’s Story is done and now published as e-books in two volumes. You can find them at any e-retailer of your choice. I thank you for joining me in the Monday / Thursday blogs that brought so much joy to my writing. Though their story is over, I hope you’ll stay to listen to what happens between our new hero and heroine in Unlikely Attraction. Stay tuned for those weekly diary posts, and for a new blog that should begin around December.

For a glimpse into Max & Jane’s world, please hop over to the Books page on this website and click on Max & Jane Vol. 1.

2 Responses to Intro to Max & Jane’s Story

  1. Jamie says:

    I really enjoyed both versions of indelible love…how could you not fall for jake?…curious to see where you go with max & Jane…definitely looking forward to more from these characters…can’t wait!

  2. Nubi says:

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to start reading.

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