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Indelible Memories – Estelle’s Story

wpid-wp-1448668592420.jpeg This lovely story of the Reid family matriarch is set to release on Christmas Day! For those of you who’ve pre-ordered, it’ll probably get to you Christmas Eve.

If you’ve been with me since Emily’s Story, this is one you won’t want to miss. It is truly the sweetest of them all.
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6 Responses to Indelible Memories – Estelle’s Story

  1. Nora says:

    So ready to read this book. Waiting patiently.

  2. Can’t wait to read the last of the Reid’s story. I have read every one. I will miss there stories. When you were writing them I finished one & could not wait for the next one. I’m sure I will be reading more of your writings. Love them.

  3. Ellen Christensen says:

    I am both happy and sad. Happy, because we will be getting Gram’s story. Sad, because it is the last book of this series. I have enjoyed every single word in this family’s saga and look forward to more of your writing.

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