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In anticipation of Unlikely Attraction – Delaney’s Story…

I’ve made Indelible Love – Emily’s Story free. It’s free right now on iBooks and Smashwords. The rest of the booksellers should follow suit. Please let your friends know. This is their chance to start with the book that got us all Reiding. Nineteen days is plenty of time to catch up with all the Reid drama before UA is published, right???

I am working hard to publish UA two days earlier than previously stated. The book is really long! And thus, everything takes that much longer. I promise, this will be one of those books you won’t be able to read in one sitting. And just because you all are so fantastic to me, I’m going to send out a UA teaser!

April 3, 2013 Kiss and Make-up

Since I didn’t sleep a wink last night after the kiss, I got my workout clothes on and ran along the beach as the sun rose. Our next to last day in paradise brought a mixture of sadness, relief, and bliss. In full (embarrassing) disclosure, I’d never been properly kissed till Donovan kissed me last night. Part of the reason for this was the fact that I’d never seriously dated anyone. And another part of the reason was that I never liked anyone enough to want them to kiss me.

     “Hey.” A beautiful voice called out softly, tenderly.
     He came and sat next to me on the sand, and we watched the sun rise little by little.
     “Hi.” I felt self-conscious and shy about talking to him, but eventually broke the silence. What do you say to a guy who doesn’t like you, but kissed you passionately the night before? Was there a Miss Manners guide to a situation like mine?
     “You ran?”
     “Yeah. Couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d be productive and exercise.”
     “…a beautiful sight!” I wasn’t clear what Donovan was talking about. Of course, I wanted him to mean that I was a beautiful sight, but most likely, it was the gorgeous sunrise. How could I compete with a Hawaiian sunrise? “Why couldn’t you sleep?”
     Was he really asking me this question? “Oh, I don’t know…”
     He gave me a seriously? look that made me laugh. “What brought you out here at five o’clock in the morning?”
     “Maybe it had something to do with an intruding girl in a large villa, a frantic family looking for this same girl with a poorly attempted disguise as Briar Rose, and this same ratty-haired, frightening-looking, woken-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night girl who had a kiss stolen from her amidst all the mayhem, drama.”
     This beautiful man laughed with me at the frivolity of my statement. “Yeah…” he sighed. “I guess we should talk about that kiss, huh?”
     I shook my head no. “Not necessary. I’ll consider it a bad dream, a crazy passer-byer, a figment of my convoluted imagination—in short, I won’t cause any more trouble with you and Kate.” I hugged my knees even tighter into my body and only stared off into the ocean.
     “When I realized you had left last night, and when I couldn’t find you, I didn’t know what to do. I was so lost.” The sincerity in his voice was sweet. Everything he said, I believed. “When we found you and you went off on me…”
     It was at this point, I had to interrupt and say, “After you went off on me…”
     He chuckled. “You can’t let me win an argument, can you?” He put his arm around my shoulder and brought me closer to him. “Yes, after I went off on you, first, I was in a state of distress and somehow that translated into a stolen kiss. I’m sorry. It shouldn’t have happened. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”
     He still had me in his hold. “I know that kiss meant nothing to you, and I won’t say anything to Kate. I heard part of your argument last night with Kate, and I hope you were able to explain to her that I don’t mean anything to you other than being ‘a pain in your ass.’
     He brought me even closer to him and kissed me on the head. “You mean more to me than I think even I understand. Don’t worry about Kate. I’m sorry about last night. I hope you’ll forget any of this ever happened?”
     I stared at this beautiful man. You can forget since it meant nothing to you, but your kiss—even done in a state of distress—was what made my fairytale dream come true. I love you, Donovan.

9 Responses to In anticipation of Unlikely Attraction – Delaney’s Story…

  1. Cynthia says:

    Oh. That was totally sweet. I can’t wait to “Reid” the whole story.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Wow, he really dug himself a deep hole with that comment.

  3. DCT says:

    Swoon….Sigh….! I absolutely love this and can hardly wait for the book. DW, something tells me you have completely outdone yourself with this one. Congratulations!!!

  4. bazzlec says:

    why can’t the 24th be today?

  5. Theresa :) says:

    Wow!! The teaser was absolutely perfect! I cannot wait for UA! 🙂

  6. Karmine says:

    OH MY GOSH! this is the other side of the story from that scene on Max and Jane’s story! its the story behind that closed door! its that thing where Jane’s curiosity killed her! Goodness! How much thank you must we give to you DW Cee for providing us with such wonderful stories! Can’t help to read UA!!!! I have used all my self-control not to download a sample in iBooks just so I can have the fun and enjoyment of reading it in one go in my Kindle once it comes out!

  7. Linda says:

    Swoon!!! Love Donovan and Laney!!!

  8. Karen Hrdlicka says:

    Okay, now I really can’t wait!! Hoping for the 22nd release date!

  9. Maria says:

    D.W. Thanks for the teaser and for filling in some of the blanks on the Hawaii vacation. So happy it’s October, the count down is on.

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