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I’m laughing out loud over here

So in the midst of the craziest week I’ve ever had with kids’ activities, I decide to ‘hear your cries’ and write an additional 7 page almost-soliloquy with Max baring his innermost feelings. NONE of you were swayed. In fact, the Max haters hated him even more. Then, I decide last night to keep “Did I miss something?” the same (as it was written two months ago), except for a few additions to make the two blogs more cohesive, and Max is now back in your good graces. So technically, if I had NOT ‘heard your cries’ and let you wait it out till yesterday, all would have been resolved.


11 Responses to I’m laughing out loud over here

  1. tyysgirl1 says:

    I’m still ticked off at Max! However I just want Jane to be happy and I feel she probably will be happier with Max in the long run, though I’d really love just a fling with Donovan to get it out of her system. Still don’t like Donovan and Laney, though. Just sayin’! Love the Reid family!!

  2. Bonnie says:

    D.W. You ROCK!! πŸ˜‰ hehehe
    Now with that being said.. I understand that in the end you may have gotten the same result, however, providing such an in depth pov from Max I feel you will actually have more of the group rooting for Max or at least having a better understanding of why he is the way he is… You are such an awesome writer and such an advocate for your audience.. We love ya to death.. It’s like you and the Reid’s are extended family members to all of us… Thank you for all that you do.. Thank your family for being so supportive and understanding to your readers needs… And we do seem to be a needy group! Hehehe πŸ™‚

  3. Lori S says:

    I have always been for Team Max and his POV makes it even more for him.

  4. Michelle says:

    DW you know fans are a fickle bunch! That’s why you are the writer and not us. I am one of you most verbose so called “Max haters” and like I said before I am more team Jane than anything. It is thanks to your writing that you can get this kind of strong response from so many of your readers. I hope you take it as a complement and not as an attack on you that we get so discussed with your characters. It’s because you write them so well that we get sucked in and feel like they are real. I thank you again for taking the time to try and apese us your fans but “Max haters” don’t want to know his feelings we want him to grow up and treat Jane and there relationship with the maturity there age “27” demands.

    • D.W. says:

      I take no offense and I truly do welcome the honest comments. I’m laughing at myself because I assumed one thing about the first blog and was wrong. Then, I assumed something else with Max’s POV and was even more wrong. Then last night’s blog taught me not to assume anymore. Keep your opinions coming. That’s what makes this weekly blog so entertaining and real, as opposed to a book review. Thanks for caring!

      • Michelle says:

        I don’t think you will ever have to worry about not getting responses from your fans. You are too good at what you do for us to not say something. I love reading others comments even if I don’t agree with them so I can only imagine what its like for you as the writer to read all of the disagreeing that your fans do. As always keep up the great writing and know your fans are behind you 100% even if we don’t agree with you πŸ˜‰

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not happy with Max or Jane… So much angst and lack of communication in their relationship. They both need to mature a great deal before a real relationship can occur. I am all for team Donovan, but with Laney, not Jane.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Max is not in my good graces atm bc he’s deciding what’s best. He says he loves Jane but he’s totally cutting her out of decisions and ignoring things that would upset her BUT gets all upset when she does the same, Hannah vs Donovan. He’s also making bad decisions and completely ignoring the pain it brings, “Look how well it turned out for Emily”, really??? Jake was the 1st guy to break through the fog that Max’s actions left her in. How long did she pine for him? How much did Jake and Emily’s relationship suffer bc of the decision Max made to let her go? and now he wants to sabatoge his own relationship AGAIN with Jane. Frankly, if he’s willing to do something like that for a second time, he really doesn’t deserve a decent girl. That’s a dictatorship not a relationship. As much as I’m rooting for Max and Jane, his decisions are making me lose hope.

  7. Melany says:

    DW I feel for Max. But I would love for Jane to see how things might be with Donovan… But uggghhh u making this so hard because I’m starting, deep inside, rooting for Max… I’m so confuse lol … DW this just shows you n everyone out there that your an awesome writer …

  8. Anonymous says:

    I personally liked Max POV. It made me like him more. I was team Donovan, now I’m leaning more towards team Max.

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