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Author of Indelible Love




I’m so very happy this has been approved. For those of you who have been waiting…enjoy!

I will also honor the 15-page UA teaser for an iBooks review. Please remember that I don’t know if you have written a review and I also don’t know your email address till you bring it to my attention.

Happy Reiding!

9 Responses to iBooks!!!

  1. tina says:

    loved all of your books waiting for the next one

  2. Carrie says:

    I loved all four of your books. Can’t wait to read the next one. Left a review on iBooks x

  3. bazzlec says:

    comment made on nook. no reply or uateaser

  4. Sylvia says:

    I bought the book through kindle, but I left a review on iBooks because all my indelible love series books are on iBooks.

  5. ivette says:

    I love all your books. I have all 4 books. Cant wait to read the next one!!!!

  6. shannon says:

    Loved the book:)

  7. Edie says:

    I’m going to leave a reply in iTunes even though I bought it in on Amazon is that okay?

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