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iBooks Aussie/NZ – You made my Feb!

Fantastic News!  iBooks Australia/NZ has chosen 10 books to spotlight in their Discover a New Author program in the Romance category and yours truly has been chosen!  They are promoting Indelible Love – Jake’s Story for the month of February.  Thank you to the iBookstore for featuring Jake’s story and a big thank you to Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, for helping make this happen.  A few weeks back, I got a personal email from Mark, and I kept checking the From/To box on my iPhone to make sure this wasn’t one of his mass emails.  I actually had a superstar of the literary world emailing me!  Not only did he email me to tell me what was about to happen, but he was also kind enough to personally answer my pouty email when I wondered why it didn’t happen on the promised date.  I’m honored to have been chosen and I want to say thank you to my friends/readers for all your encouragements along the way.  Once again, the picture says it all!

Aus spotlight

FYI – After such an emotionally charged weekend of blogs, I am going dark on you all till Thursday.  If you’re having withdrawals, reread MJ’s blog from day one.  http://www.dwcee.com/books/max-janes-story/

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