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I hear your cries!

I know Max is seriously in the dog house after the last two (yes, a little shorter than usual) blogs (you ingrates! 🙂 )  I am writing up Max’s POV recounting what happened the last NINE days, right now.  But, I’m unsure when I will finish and post.  I have SEVEN baseball and softball games this week as well as ONE golf tournament in Timbuktu.  If my kids didn’t like all these sports so much, I’d have them home so I could write all day.  But, I don’t have that luxury, so I will get out the extra blog as soon as humanly possible.

Ladies, don’t judge so soon.  There’s always two sides to a story.

14 Responses to I hear your cries!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So at this point I’m team anyone but Max

  2. I can’t wait to hear Max’s side of the story. True he should be going to Jane first, but damn, Jane has such a jeckle/Hyde persona lately, I think he’s afraid of what would have come out and just wanted to give the both of them time and space to workmthings out. Go Team Max!! Lol

  3. Cindy says:

    There goes Max pining awayat old relationships instead of the current one he’s in. Who’s suppose to be in the rear view mirror, Jane or Hannah? Come on now! Max, your plate is full with finishing Medical School, internship, residency, and a relationship you state is your future; well, get your priorities straight and move it along! Is this a healthy relationship to be in? The constant roller coaster, do they really bring the best out of each other? D.W. I’m hooked, but a part of me just wants to read the entire part 2 book. Starting to get nautious going along this ride.

  4. DCT says:

    Ok, I agree that Max is wrong in his continued relationship with Hannah especially since he was not completely upfront about it to Jane initially. But something about Jane really gets on my last nerve, she really needs to grow up. She is constantly running to Donovan (who I want to see with Laney, not Jane), she is jealous of Emily, Laney and any other woman who takes attention away from her, she is whiney, and she doesn’t tell Max how she feels. By that I mean, she is not honest when she is upset, or expressing how she really feels in any given situation; she just stews over it and pushes him away. Now with all that said, Max has some serious explaining to do and he needs to be sensitive to how his relationships with other women impact his current girlfriend. DW, there has been a little too much angst, now I’m ready for some romance. Bring it on. 😉

  5. Denny says:

    DW, totally agree with the other ladies that Max is a douchebag and should be kicked to the curb. I think that you are going to have to come up with one hell of a reason for us girls to forgive him for his recent behaviour and treatment of Jane, can’t wait to hear what it is, roll on Thursday.

  6. Lizzy says:

    DW if my husband would have done that to me when we were dating with an X i would have punched him in the dingle berries ! Max has no excuse whatsoever for treating Jane that way she comes first before any other woman. I’ve always been die hard team Max but he really f^*ked up this time Jane can be a GEM sometimes but she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way it makes me so sad when she cries cause shes usually so strong, max is her weak spot she loves him. Although if I were jane I would go up to Hannah and mark my territory and let her know Max is her man and she needs to stay away and keep her opinion to herself or else. I don’t think Max can talk his way out of this one to me DW.

  7. Maria says:

    Thank You for acknowledging our pleas. You are so right there are always two sides to a story. Max I’ve been on your side and willing to hear you out, this better be good. Hehehe, I know you’ll make it good D. W.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Awesome! Thank you D.W. I can’t wait to hear his side.. I’m a bit disappointed in both he and Jane. But I can’t stand Hannah, no matter how I try…

  9. sylvia says:

    I agree with Michelle and Sarita, there is just no excuse. If Max was facing a problem oran issue Jane should be the first person on his list to talk to not his bitch ass ex Hannah. I’m sorry,I don’t meant to be to rude and vulgar, and D.W. I love your posts, but there is just no way I can see Max getting himself out of this one. And Jane would not be very smart if she took Max back so quickly he should suffer with his little bitch girlfriend Hannah.

  10. sara says:

    I feel the same Melany!

  11. sara says:

    I feel the same Melany!!

  12. Michelle says:

    I completely agree with sarita! I don’t care if he feels gulity about the bitch-I mean Hannah! Jane is supposed to be the one he loves and you don’t treat the ones you love like that EVER!!!!! He doesn’t deserve his own post with an explanation he deserves to be kicked to the curb for the way he’s been treating Jane! He’s done this from the begining…always thinking of other women’s feeling before Jane’s and she deserves so much better than Max who has NO backbone!!!!! He can’t say no to anyone but Jane and it should be the reverse. I hope Jane stomps his heart into the ground just like he did to her. With everything he’s done he doesn’t deserve a happily e er after with Jane and Jane deserves soooooo much better than him!

  13. sarita says:

    was always cheering for max but nothing justifies his actions in the last two posts. I don’t care if he feels guilty for what happened to hannah in the past jane is supposed to be his future so her wants and needs should have come first to him. he needed to put his foot down to Hannah but he hasn’t and he won’t so I feel no sympathy for him for the way jane treated him.

  14. Melany says:

    DW ur killing is here!!!!! But I want to hear max side.. Even though I want Donovan n Jane I’m willing to hear what Max have to say

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