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I guess it’s not quite up?

I feel like a total liar. I got word from Smashwords that Jake’s Story was approved and so I assumed the book would be up on iBooks and all the other vendors, immediately. I’ve been checking on iBooks throughout the day and it’s still not in their catalog. AARGH! Here are some options for those of you who are still missing half of the story.

1. Wait a few more days. It should be up very soon.
2. Download the free Kindle app on your iProduct of choice and get the book through Amazon.
3. Go through Smashwords.com and download through there.

I’m really sorry about the wait. I HATE waiting for anything and yet I’ve done the same to you. (Though I’m not sorry about making you wait for Max & Jane’s blog ;)).

I just finished writing another Max and Jane story and I’m deliriously happy with what’s happening between them and all the supporting characters. And, on another happy note, Entwined is more than half way edited. I just need a cover and all should be good.

See you all bright and early on Monday!

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