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I can’t believe it’s over

For the past nine months, we’ve been engrossed in the goings-on with Nick and Bee. Today closed their chapter.

I’ve had a few emails asking about the details of Nick & Bee’s wedding. There is a full retelling of the wedding from Bee’s point of view in the epilogue of the book. You’ll find out what she received from Nick in the “Something Old and Something New” category. You’ll also learn that Nick surprised his wife with 360 diamonds. How’s that for outdoing Jake, Donovan, and Max? Those details and more are all in the book. As for the blogs, Nick and Bee are done. They’re living their happily ever after, and the cul-de-sac is moving on with life.

I’m pages away from finishing up Max & Jane’s Wedding. If all go well, I should have everything off to be edited by late Friday. It’s possible there may be an even earlier release date (fingers crossed). For those of you who haven’t heard, you can pre-order Max and Jane’s Wedding through iBooks and Amazon. Order your copy now. The book may be released earlier than Oct. 19th.

To end, I’ve love to hear some of your comments on Nick & Bee’s Story. Since you’ve read the book, it would be a great help to me if you could leave a review on iBooks, Amazon, Nook, or Goodreads. If you prefer not to, please leave a comment below on what you thought of our couple.

Thank you, have a nice long weekend, and join me on Facebook for occasional teasers on Max & Jane’s Wedding.

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