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How my e-books are published

Hi All!

As promised, here’s a look at how I e-publish my books. While you’re waiting for Nick & Bee Vol. 2, I’ve written a synopsis on all the steps required for Nick & Bee to reach your e-readers. I hope this answers all your questions.


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  1. Linda S Moore says:

    Will Nick & Bee Vol. 2 be on Amazon ebooks soon for preorder or just ibooks? I have some of the other books and want to try to get them all before I start them. Well as many as I can I should say. Read your blog and fell in love with the story so had to go and buy some. I have to use gift cards as I am to afraid of using our credit card anymore but I try to get gift cards as much as possible or win them so I can get the good books that I want. You have two others that I want so bad that also sound great. I have them all in my wish list on Amazon so I can get them when I get the cards. Hard living month to month but I do get lucky and win gift cards sometimes.
    Anyway was just wondering about the 2nd Nick & Bee book. Love you blog so so much. It is where I first heard of the Reids. Thanks for sharing the stories..

  2. theresa says:

    Return a book? It would never occur to me. I guess I’m too honest! I was behind a lady at Costco, she was returning a half eaten cake because it was “stale”. (Is that quote mark in the correct place lol?) The clerk told me they have a guy who buys multiple gallons of milk gor his convenience store then returns them when yhey expire. You’re right, it is stealing.

    • D.W. says:

      Oh my gosh, Theresa. That is hilarious!!! And as for your quotation correction, it should be “stale.” All punctuation need to be inside the quotation marks. But you’re excused considering I wrote new instead of knew in the first paragraph. I only reread the post five times before sending it out. My eyes are tired. 🙁

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