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Hello + John & Elizabeth News

Hi Ladies!

This summer has been the longest and shortest one, yet, for me. Busy summer schedules inundated our lives and the four of us could not find one week to vacation together. Now, we are two weeks into school and drowning in homework, tests, essays, and college applications.

My high school senior is taking five AP classes and applying to 10+ colleges. My high school sophomore, also taking all APs and Honors classes, decided she wanted to play golf in addition to softball, plus, she’s been prepping to take her SAT exam this weekend. It’s been nutty over here and I’m exhausted. I don’t think I ever got over the busyness of summer and bam, we’ve started a new school year. I suppose in three years, I’ll be off this roller coaster ride. I’m hoping your summer was a lot quieter than mine. 🙂

I can’t say that I’ve written much of John & Elizabeth, or of anything this year. However, I am ready to start releasing their story. Timing has worked out perfectly as we just finished Vol. 1 of Max & Jane’s Story. Since you all have Vol. 2, I won’t be republishing any more. I’ll soon surprise you with the continuation of Reid Place.

John & Elizabeth’s Story will be broken in four phases. The first phase is called “He Said” which is James Solomon talking. Then we move onto Elizabeth’s tale in “She Said.”  John, of course will get a turn in a section called, “The Twin Said,” and lastly, there will be a “And They All Said” to end the story. Currently, I’m in the beginning stages of “She Said,” and recounting John and Elizabeth’s blossoming romance. I’ve enjoyed creating a unique love story for our hero and heroine. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as you enjoyed Nolan & Delilah.

I will release their tale as soon as I can get a book cover. You’ll have to wait a little longer until then. Hopefully, it’ll be sooner than later.

I think that’s all for now. Comment below and tell me what you’ve been up to this summer. I’d love to hear from you; it’s been a while.

13 Responses to Hello + John & Elizabeth News

  1. Andrea Hand says:

    Dwcee, I’m sooo confused. The tale of John and ellie and I thought it was James and ellie tale’s. Can’t wait to see what is coming next. I absolutely loved Nolan and Lilah’ tale.

    • DW Cee says:

      It’s John & Elizabeth’s tale. James is John’s twin brother. He starts off the blogs with his tale of this story. Think of him as the complicated third wheel (of sorts).

  2. kimbery1073 says:

    My summer has been a bit busy, but not as packed as yours has been though!!

    I hope your son gets into a great college (one that’s close to Mom, too!) I’m sending prayers, good wishes/luck to your daughter as well on her upcoming SATs..ugh I remember studying for those..torture!!

    Question for you?? Are you going to finish Kimberly’s book after Ellie’? That book started out amazing! I am looking forward to reading it.

    I hope that you and you kids have a great school year. I can’t wait for Ellie and John’s 1st installment to be released.

    Read you soon.


    • D.W. says:

      That book is on hiatus. I need to get back to it. Everything has been on hiatus these days. My head is stretched in too many directions.

  3. mlaird0128 says:

    I took two summer classes and I have started back to school on Monday. I went to Florida 2 weeks ago and I have spent time with my nieces.

  4. Kris says:

    Crazy busy summer here also won’t be doing a family vacation til dec…can’t wait for Elizabeth’s and Johns story

  5. Amanda says:

    Any plans to continue the Reasons series? I just read the entire thing in 3 days and am left wanting more… maybe a Lexi/Larry spin-off???

  6. Karen says:

    All sounds very exciting, your family life is pretty hectic.
    Had a busy summer so far, spent over 2 weeks in Florida on vacation. My eldest daughter has got engaged and we are busy planning a destination wedding to Mexico.
    My youngest daughter has qualified to be a dental nurse and has been promoted at work to head nurse.
    Looking forward to reading the new blogs

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