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Happy Mother’s Day!

“Hello. I’m James Solomon.”

“Hi. I’m Elizabeth Reid.”

“Reid, as in Reid Hall, Reid Library, Reid Hospital, Reid Research Lab, Reid—”

“Yes, all that and a few others. Where are you from, James Solomon?”

“I’m from Boston—born and raised.”

“Did you do undergrad and med school in Boston?”

“Yep, residency as well at BU.”

“I did the same. Born in LA, undergrad, med school, residency and now employed in LA.”

“We have a lot in common, already.”

Today must’ve been my lucky day. The first person I ran into was this beautiful woman. I had all kinds of doubts about leaving Boston and working at a hospital in Los Angeles. Not only was Boston home, but it was where our only living relative—our grandparents—resided. I hated leaving after all these years with them as our parents. John, my twin brother, and I thought it was finally time for us to take care of them. I was glad John was still there with them.

“What’s your area of specialty, Elizabeth? Seeing you in scrubs tells me you’re a surgeon.”


“Ah. Just like your uncle and father, the chief?” I couldn’t help but smile at her. She was too stunning for words. “Any more Reids working here?”

She giggled. I hoped she didn’t notice that my mouth was slack jawed and drooling. She was damn gorgeous. “I think there’s at least one of us on every floor.”

“Yeah? Tell me so I can make a good impression on all of them.”

She giggled some more. “My twin brother—”

“Wait! You have a twin brother? I do too!”

“His name is James.”

“That’s my name!” I joked.

She was now in full laughter mode. “He’s also on this floor. My uncle, Max Davis, and aunt, Delaney Taylor, are pediatric surgeons. Auntie Delaney specialized in the heart. Uncle Max is so brilliant, he can do just about everything.”


“Uncle Nicky is an MD/PhD. He’s more into research, but you’ll see him at the hospital often. Then, there’s his son, Nicky, who’s patented and sold an anti-aging serum and could retire now if he so chose. He’s here from time to time. Grandpa Robert still works at the hospital clinic. Grandpa Scott, who’s technically my cousin Delilah’s grandpa, also works at the clinic. Shall I tell you about all my other cousins who are either in med school, thinking of med school, or in residency here?”

“No. You lost me after Uncle Max and Auntie Delaney.”

“Tell me about your twin, James.”

“His name is John and he’s in gerontology.”

“Is he still in Boston?”

“Yeah. He’s with our ailing grandparents. He’ll come as soon as their health improves.”

“I hope it’s not serious.”

“It’s not, but you never know with people their age. Between the two of us, we thought it was better if he stayed back. When you meet him, you’ll notice that I’m the better-looking one.”

Elizabeth Reid couldn’t stop laughing. “Yeah? I tell that to my twin as well, but the ladies disagree. I assume you’re identical twins but you’re the better-looking one?”

“Exactly, Elizabeth. You are one smart cookie. Stick with me and we’ll be known as the best-looking twins in LA.”

“All right, James. I’ll stick with you until I find something or someone better. Your twin could be that someone better.”

“I’ll show you, Elizabeth Reid.”

“OK. May the best twin win.”

7 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Kimberly says:

    I was thinking the same thing Karen was…Is is James or John, thanks for clearing that up.

    Ahhh….now it makes sense why James hates Ellie later on in the story. She probably chose his brother John, NOT him!!

    I cant wait to read this book. When will you release it?? Soon, I hope!!!

    Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!!

  2. Gloria says:

    Happy Mother’s Day & to all the Reid clan. This sounds like another very interesting story. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you it was great

  4. DCT says:

    Happy Mothers Day DW, and thank you for that precious surprise!

  5. Ellen Christensen says:

    Thank you DW for the lovely surprise. Happy Mothers Day to you too.

  6. Karen says:

    Lovely surprise, but is he John or James, who Elizabeth has just met. Clears up part of why he kept leaving to go back to Boston. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you lovely American ladies. X

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