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Guess Who? #6

Can you believe there’s only a week left till Nick and Bee’s blog makes its debut? Get your friends to sign up ASAP! This is going to be another fun ride.

Guess Who? #6 is a tough one. You’ll have to do some research on earlier Indelible Love books.

“Oh my gosh! You’re Nick Reid! Jake once told me he’d introduce us if I ever came out to LA. I feel like I know you, already.”

If you think you know who this is, you might want to sit on it for a while. Right now, there are two ladies who have 4/5 correct answers. There will be four more Guess Who? questions to determine the final winner(s).

29 Responses to Guess Who? #6

  1. Kim Field says:


  2. Bailey says:

    Sara’s little sister Lily

  3. Heather M. says:


  4. Karen Hrdlicka says:


  5. kimbery1073 says:

    Lily, Sarahs little sistet from the Thanksgiving trip with Emily from Jakes Story.

  6. Theresa Borchardt says:


  7. Lori S says:

    Sarah’s sister lily

  8. Maria says:

    Sarah’s sister Lily

  9. Camille eh says:

    Hmmm i think its Lily too!

  10. Mariela says:

    I did my homework and Jake does tell Lily he has a younger brother so my guess is Lily

  11. Laurie says:

    Sarah’s sis Lily

  12. Katherine says:

    Lily from Jake’s Story

  13. Sandy G says:

    Sarah’s sister Lily

  14. karmine says:

    Ooooh>< I almost got this wrong, but I'll put my guesses on Kelly.

  15. Elizabeth Runyan says:


  16. Vicki Humphries says:


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