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Good News!

ULVol1Unyielding Love – Nick & Bee’s Story will release earlier than 4/4/2014! With everything having gone so smoothly this time around, I pulled up the iBooks release date to Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Pre-order your iBooks copy of UL now. You might even get it on Monday, some time after you read the last March blog.

Though we are not done with March, here are the titles for April blogs:
New Perspective
New Partner
New Places
New People
New ‘Playmates’
New (ten-year) Plan
New Problem
Back to the Old?

I think of all the months, April might be the most explosive, most controversial, most talked-about month, yet! And…you get to read it all in ONE SITTING!!! April 1st, Ladies! (And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.)

7 Responses to Good News!

  1. camille Eh says:

    Yippee-kai-yey!! ..sorry guys.. I was watching die hard the other day!

  2. Samm says:

    Thank god for iBooks

  3. bazzlec says:

    I need it in nook please

  4. Karen says:

    Cannot wait to read the April blogs, is this going to be available on Amazon UK on 1 April also DW? Thanks for the weekly blogs, I for one really look forward to Reiding these every week – brightens up my day, and I love reading other Reiders comments also. xx

  5. valerie w says:

    Umm, DW you did it again….I am so stinkin intrigued by the titles New Playmates and New Problem! I want to fast forward to those blogs in April.

    Hey ya Ellen, I know sometimes Nook takes forever with pre orders and book releases compared to ibook. I pretty much hawk bn until the books pop up to download.

  6. Ellen Christensen says:

    I hope Nook releases it the same time as iBooks. I can’t wait to read these upcoming blogs!

  7. Edie says:

    If it’s not up on kindle I may have to use my Ipad 🙂

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