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Good Friday!

I have some good news for you ladies so you can start off your weekend, right. iBooks has received and uploaded the final copy of UA. I am now waiting for confirmation on Nook, and Kobo and you will all be able to read Book 4 of the Indelible Love series, early next week. As to which exact day, I still don’t know. It’s whenever the e-retailers publish my book. For you Kindle readers, your copy will not be far behind. It may even be published simultaneously. Once again, this is out of my control.

And because I’m in a fine mood this wonderful Friday, and because for the first time since school started our entire family has a free Saturday, I think I’ll send out a teaser!

     Laughter came from Emily’s backyard when I crossed the street from Uncle Bobby’s home, after my tea with Gram. I decided not to go back in, and slowly walked home. It was such a beautiful night; I sat on my swing and thought about what I’d like to do when I got to London. Last time I was there, I was a teenager and not very impressed with the gloomy city. Now as a twenty-somethinger, I was sure I’d like the city much more.
     “That looks comfortable. Why haven’t you come back to Emily’s party?”
     “I was just sitting, contemplating the things I should do when I got to London.”
     “And what did you want to do, Delaney? I go there often enough. I could help you sort out your thoughts. In fact, I could probably help you find the places as well. When do you leave? I’ll get there soon after and be your guide.” He waited for me to answer, but I wasn’t going to do so. “What?”
     “Nothing.” I said with a broken heart. “I’m going to go in. I’ll see you around?”
     I got up to leave, but he held my wrist.
     “I asked when you leave so I can come visit you.”
     “You don’t have to visit…” I lightly twisted my wrist so I could walk away.
     “Why not? Why don’t you want me to visit?”
     “You don’t have to come all the way to London to pretend to be my friend. I’ll do OK finding new friends there.”
     “Delaney. What the hell is this? What do you mean, pretend to be your friend?”
     “One day, you’re my Prince Charming at the ball—holding my hand, paying court, and dancing with me. The next day, you’re my wicked stepmother—ignoring me, embarrassed to be with me, and hurting me. I don’t need that, so no thank you on the tour guide offer.”
     He let me go.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Argh!! The waiting is killing me. Thanks for the teaser!! Can’t wait. Go Laney!!

  2. Cindy says:


  3. Maria says:

    Thanks for the teaser….already tugging at my heart.

  4. Karen Hrdlicka says:

    Can’t wait! Thanks for the teaser!

  5. Jennifer says:

    This book is going to be so emotional!!! I can’t wait so excited 🙂

  6. Bonnie says:

    Wow! You tell him Laney!! I so cannot wait to. Read this… 🙂 thank you very much for the wonderful news and the awesome teaser DW!!

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