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For those of you who have finished Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story

FinallyLove_Volume1I would love to hear what you thought of Vol. 1. I know the ending was nothing like you expected. Feel free to express your thoughts and questions, here. I’ll chime in where I can. I may also answer some burning questions!

26 Responses to For those of you who have finished Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story

  1. DW Cee says:

    Here’s a small teaser for you.

    “Grandfather is lonely. He has been for a long while and I’d like to do something about it.”

    “I agree but what can you do?”

    “Roland Ascot died a few years back.”

    “I heard…” I saw where this was going. “You’re brilliant, Michael! I love how much you love Grandpa Harry.” There was something undefinable in his eyes when I made this statement. “I’m in. Tell me what you need me to do.”

    That’s how we ended up in Los Angeles, sipping an Arnold Palmer in Jake and Emily’s backyard.

    • Karen says:

      Well DW you know how to throw something into the mix don’t you! I wonder if Michael is thinking of Chloe when he plots to get Grandpa Harry and Estelle together. it will be interesting to read how Michael, Chloe and Brendan have avoided each other over the past 10 years. Considering that Chloe also works for the Duke when not doing her wedding planning. She followed her dreams, but is it all worth it in the end?

    • Edie says:

      Love it!!!!!!

    • Ellen Christensen says:

      Oh yeah, Chloe is helping plan Grandpa Harry and Gram’s surprise wedding! And I agree thst Gram will have a hand in Chloe and Michael having their HEA. I feel like Gram is our fairy godmother. She has had a hand with all her grandchildren’s HEAs, why not for Michael and Chloe.

  2. Stacie says:

    I think that it will pick up with them at the wedding of the Duke and Estella wedding.

  3. Courtney says:

    I completely agree with most people. I think that Chloe will be planning the wedding, begrudgingly. She may not want to see Michael after all this time they haven’t been in touch, but she loves Henry so she agrees. No idea what anyone’s relationship status will be so I can’t wait!

  4. Anne says:

    I think volume 2 will pick up at Estelle and Harry’s wedding….maybe with Chloe the planner, and her and Michael seeing each other again after the 10 years…. Can’t wait to find out!!

  5. Edie says:

    I think she will be planning The Duke and Estelle’s wedding! Estelle will play a hand in her HEA!

  6. Sarah says:

    OMG!!! I really didn’t see that coming!! Way to keep us on our toes!!! I think I know where it’s going…but I’ll have to edit and see!!! Excited to see what’s coming next!!

  7. karen says:

    DW you love to surprise your Reiders don’t you. I was literally shouting out what at the end of the last 3 chapters. I see them all meeting up at Henry and Estelle’s wedding, all 3 of them have been concentrating on their careers. I hope that Chloe meets a man who will put her first and give her the love she needs. Maybe Chloe and Michael aren’t meant to be together and DW is going to lead us down a different path this time. Going to be a long wait for part 2.

  8. Lauren says:

    My goodness….this ending threw me for a loop. I’m very curious/excited/impatient to see what the future holds for these three characters. After reading this book I felt like I wanted to hug Brenden, have a few drinks with Chloe, and kick Michael in the shins. I absolutely love all your books.

  9. Kim says:

    10 years!!!!! You are killing me DW! I downloaded and read immediately. No I’m on pins and needles after that ending. Don’t make us wait too long please!!

  10. DCT says:

    DW, I do love that you keep us Reiders on the edge of our reading chairs, lol! But I have to admit, that this ending really threw me for a loop.
    Do Michael and Chloe see each other during this 10 year hiatus? Are they both dating other people? Wow, I just can’t wrap my mind around this. At the end of Max and Jane’s wedding, you gave us a glimpse of he future; was that 10 years in the future? Does our “reunion” happen before or after Estelle’s 3rd wedding?
    DW, it was an interesting twist to have Emily and Jake playing such a prominent role. It’s is also hard to believe that Michael is so dense about how Chloe is feeling about the whole Laney “debacle”. Surely he has to see how much that hurt her. I can hardly wait to see how you work this all out! Thanks DW

  11. Laurie says:

    How can they not see each other for SO LONG?!? Both men? Can’t wait to see where it all leads to! You mentioned that Vol 2 was speaking to you… When do you think you’ll be able to start?

  12. Jodi P says:

    OMG Loved it. I know I was probably one of the first to download it but I read it over a few days because I ddin’t want it to end. I was so not expecting that ending. I then had to find out when you were planning on releasing the next volume. I tell you DW you really do make it hard for me to be patient. I mean I have to wait for Chloe and Michael Vol 2, Perfect Harmony and not to mention the Surprise Reid………..But I suppose that is ok because I can still go back and rereid some of your books. As you know i reread Jake’s story a few weeks ago and feel in love with him all over again. 🙂 But then I still have to decide because Max was a favorite and then Nick soo many to chose from.

  13. Ellen Christensen says:

    10 YEARS??????? That ending absolutely killed me!!!!! Now I need to know what happens with Chloe and Michael and does she get together with Brendan during this time.
    One question DW. I seem to remember that you fast forwarded for our last little surprise Reid story. Does this coincide with the next volume of Finally Love!?

    • D.W. says:

      Rereid Max & Jane’s Wedding – epilogue and it’ll give you some idea of where vol. 2 is headed.

      • Ellen Christensen says:

        Reread that and Christmas with Elizabeth Reid. So there’s a lot going on ten years in the future. Can’t wait for volume 2 to begin!

  14. K Khorn says:

    Brendan is holding on but I think grandpa Harry will get things moving … Thankfully! When does Volume 2 start. I need to know what the next decade brings soon

  15. Kaneisha says:

    The ending hurt my heart and head. I need to know what happens next does Michael express himself to Chloe. I need to know something I need some sort of pics I can’t wait that long to finish the second half of the book I wasn’t even expecting the way you ended it made me mad because I wanted to know more. My favorite thus far

  16. Edie says:

    Oh my gosh I just hurt my hand because I hit the counter so hard A DECADE ONLY FRIEND! What are you doing to us! I just finished the book and DW I think this is my favorite! Okay when are you starting the next one? Okay I got to go early my review on Amazon everybody don’t forget to leave our reviews so that other people get to read her books.

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