D.W. Cee

Author of Indelible Love


Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story is here!

FinallyLove_Volume1iBooks Reiders, enjoy your book!

The rest of you, I’m hoping your vendor will have it by early tomorrow.

6 Responses to Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story is here!

  1. DCT says:

    OMG, DW!!! I just finished Vol 1 and I am floored! How could you do that to me! It was wonderful. I left reviews on ITunes and Goodreads. You went I to a direction I was so not expecting! All I can say is that Vol 2 can’t come quick enough!

  2. christine says:

    I should have waited for Vol 2 to be released. Having this much is such a tease. Sigh! Great volume 1. Looking forward to vol 2

  3. Dawn says:

    What is your timeline for vol 2?

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