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Featuring Fanfreakin’tastic Fantasy for the Fifth month

Drama DONE!  May, from here on out = FUN!  The Reids, Davises, and Taylors (yes, more than one Taylor) will have loads of fun this month.  Who gets racy with our Donovan?  Do we have a pole dancer in our midst?  What really happened in that hotel room back on the Big Island?  Which three are buying a home?  Why do the Davis parents come back in the picture?  Who will be “minding the gap?”  Did Jane’s BFF really encourage her to hook-up with our sexy Donovan Taylor?  Just a few questions raised and answered in this month’s blogs.

May 2 – Did I miss something? (Frighteningly not Fun)
May 6 – Honestly! (Flirty fun)
May 9 – Oh…a hunting he will go… (Future Fun)
May 13 – Happy Mothers’ Day (Familial Fun)
May 16 – All that it’s cracked up to be… (Fortuitous Fun)
May 20 – Mother may I (not be)? (Freak me out Fun?)
May 23 – Introducing James and Elizabeth Reid (Fifty-Fifty Fun – and NO, it has nothing to do with 50 Shades!)
May 27 – Which “gap” do I “mind?” (ipso Facto Fun)
May 30 – Truth or Dare (girlFriend Fun)

Did ya notice the alliteration?  I love it when I sound clever! 😉

4 Responses to Featuring Fanfreakin’tastic Fantasy for the Fifth month

  1. Kim Field says:

    When will M&J’s blog be finished before we get read the next love story in book form

  2. Maria says:

    May looks to be readalicious!!! Thank you DW!

  3. Michelle says:

    Once again DW, you know how to get us back to the edge of our seats. I can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with. So excited to know fun is on the way and not heartache! Doing the happy dance 🙂

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