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After hours of trying to figure out how to set up an Author’s page on Facebook, I finally got something up. I really wish I could just write, edit, publish and write, only. The whole concept of social media is overwhelming for me! But, I guess this is the way of the world. In order to reach more people, I gotta do them all – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on…

I’ve added a couple of teasers to my Facebook page to get you all to visit. On my page www.facebook/DWCee, I revealed the title for the next three blogs AND a teaser prologue for the next book.

I’m being quite evasive about this next book because you all know the hero and heroine. You may not know them well, but when the names are revealed, it will not come as a shock to you because they’ve been popping up in MJ’s blog. I think you’ll be happily surprised to find out who they are.


Till Monday…


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  1. Anfa says:

    I think Donovan & Laney will get together. It’ll will be about them. Am I right?

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