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Everybody receive their UA copies?

I have never been more glad to see the publishing of a book. This pre-order business was a harrowing experience and hopefully with the next one, I’ll be better informed and savvier. While going through my iBooks copy of UA, I found few formatting errors/differences from my original copy. This happens sometimes during the conversion process and I don’t know until I go through the book again. This formatting error doesn’t change any of the storyline, but in (New) Day, there are a few texts that weren’t in bold, and a few memories that weren’t italicized. I sent in a new copy so hopefully those issues will be corrected soon.

I am emailing today for several reasons. First, I’d like to thank those of you who’ve written wonderful reviews of UA to both Amazon and iBooks. I’m not on Goodreads, much, so I haven’t checked over there yet. I know most of you are still reading the book, but I wanted to say thanks to those who have gone out of your way to express your love for Donovan and Delaney.

Second, I wanted to give you an update on the new blog! Yes, it’s almost that time again. I’ve been diligently working on the new blog and am on blog #7, currently. It will begin December 3, 2013 and who knows how long it will run. Monday will be our heroine’s voice. Thursday will be our hero’s voice. It’s been interesting writing this way. I find myself in a split-personality situation when I’m writing. I don’t know if I ever confessed that when I write, I take on the role of the character. Rather than method acting, it’s method writing / role “playing.” Anyhow, please let your friends know to subscribe so they can start with all of us. Sometimes your comments are more entertaining / frustrating than my storyline! 🙂

Third, Near Perfect Attraction – Donovan’s Story will be the next book in the Indelible Love series. AND, I’ve submitted it for pre-order today (almost four months in advance)! It’s slated to be released February 11, 2014, the week of Valentine’s Day. I promise with this one, we won’t have the same issues (I think ;)). I’ll let you know if my submission gets accepted and you can pre-order Donovan’s Story. Here’s a little treat for you on Smashwords. Please keep in mind, nothing is set in stone with this book. Even the cover may be slightly altered.

Fourth, (I have a lot of things to say today, huh?) I have physical copies of Emily’s Story and Jake’s Story is done, being printed, and will be shipped to me soon as well. I’m going to the post office today to see how much shipping will be and I will see how I can bundle and make the autographed books cheaper for you to buy, if you so wish. You can also buy them individually.

Last, (there’s a problem when I can’t remember what my last point is…)
…last but not least, I’d love to hear from all of you who have finished UA. Please comment on my website, if you haven’t already on Facebook, which scene you loved the most from UA. Once I read a few, I’ll jump in with my favorite, if I can possibly pick just one!

Have a great day and I’m sure I’ll talk to you very soon.

10 Responses to Everybody receive their UA copies?

  1. bazzlec says:

    read it twice already cannot wait for Donovan’s side. wished there were his comments about the birth of twins

  2. Sari says:

    I absolutely Loved UA!!! I can not wait for Donovan’s version. When do you foresee that being released? I do have a question though, in the prologue as Laney finds out Donovan had her diary, at what point does that happen in the story. I never came to that part. Not sure if that’s the missing pages or not.

  3. JF says:

    Seems like some pages are missing from some chapters. Not good.

  4. Melanie says:

    I loved UA it was all i expected and so much more…i dont really have a favorite scene i just loved the whole book…maybe when Donovan finally proposed ;o)
    I was devouring this book and got hardly any sleep in between this annoying thing called work and finally being able to continue reiding
    As i was in love with Donovan from the start i really am looking forward for Near Perfect Attraction
    But i also have a feeling that Bee + Nick´s Blog will be great and that there will be some really sizzling parts but i also will hate the day´s in between the blogs it already drove me nuts with MJ because the suspense was soooo high
    Thanks DW for a really great book keep going :o)

  5. karmine says:

    I have too much too say about the books, my favorites, and what didn’t sit well with me, and what I wish to see more, but I don’t exactly have the time right now and I sure don’t want to leave a long comment that could be an essay here so maybe I’ll email it or post it on my Tumblr and I’ll give you the link DW Cee. But I just wanna say, the book is AMAZING! it didn’t replace Emily and Jake in my heart though 😉 But it’s still really good! You did an amazing job! OH! And the next blog!!! OMG! IT’S ABOUT NICK! FINALLY! I knew it! It was about Bee and Nick! So exciteeeeed! I’ll be back in about a week to let you know my full thoughts of UA <3 Thank you for writing wonderful stories! You're the best! I'm a fan for life <3

  6. Gisela says:

    Finally finished!! All I have to say is “WOW”!!! I loved this story, it was amazing but left me wanting more!!! I want to know more about Delaney’s pregnancy, how did Donovan treat her during that time? Also, I want to know about Max & Janes’s wedding?!? I hope you add this on Donovan’s book:)
    D.W. you are an amazing writer and you did an awesome job with this story…actually all your stories;) keep up the good work!!

  7. karen says:

    Just finished reading US, what a fantastic book, did not disappoint. The love that Delaney has for Donnovan is perfect. Glad that you toned down Michael’s English. Everything about the book is perfect. Can’t wait for Donnovan’s story and bee and Nick x

  8. ivette says:

    I just finished UA, I have all your book I love all of them . I wanted to know if you are going to end the series from the beginning? (With grandma and grandpa Reid story)

  9. ssmarquart says:

    I don’t have a favorite scene, I loved the whole book. I just love all of your books. Looking forward to Donovans Story!

  10. Maria says:

    Reiding and Loving Loving UA!!! When I read I’m method reading. I’m transported and get into each character, feeling their every emotion envisioning the action taking place.

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