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Emily’s Story + iBookstore UK = <3

iBooks UKYesterday, I sent out an email about Indelible Love – Emily’s Story being featured as a series starter in the US iBookstore.

Today, I’m shouting from the rooftop about Emily’s Story having a huge presence in the UK iBookstore! Getting a BANNER FEATURE on the front page of the romance section is what dreams are made of for an author. The comical irony of it all…because it’s in the UK, I can’t access this page in the US. Thus, I have no way of seeing it except for the screenshots my UK friends send me. So, for those of you who are UK Reiders, please go look at this page for me and send me pictures of the Romance front page. It kills me that I can’t see this. For a split second, I contemplated flying into London to see my cover on the iBookstore screen. 🙂 There’s one more iBooks promo happening in a few weeks. I’ll let you know, (and ask for your help,) when that one begins.


RR 2Onto pressing matters of the heart. Have you read Unknown Reasons? Did your stomach do somersaults the entire time? Is it absolutely bizarre for me to tell you that I want to read about Xander and Jenna again – especially since I created the two and have read about their relationship about ten times, plus? If you haven’t picked up your copy of Unknown Reasons, you need to get one now! These four books will stay with you for a very long time.

Relationship Reasons can be pre-ordered through iBooks and Amazon. Continue this beautiful journey with us. Relationship Reasons, which I think is even better than Unknown Reasons, will drop Tuesday, 8/23/2016. Join us!

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