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Greetings from Chichen Itza

I think I’ve told you that our family has been on a quest to see the Wonders of the World? According to UNESCO, there are seven new wonders, plus one existing wonder from the Ancient world. With this trip, we’ve checked off Wonder #5 plus three delicious days in Mexico City.

John & Els’ Story comes back on Monday. Vol. 2 is up soon. Have a fabulous rest of the week.


A review for a blog?

I know you’re all wondering when Vol. 2 is happening. I suppose the answer would be whenever Vol. 1 is done on my website. 🙂

For those of you who are waiting to find out what happens with our stars, I’d like to offer you a bribe! How about the first blog of Vol. 2 for a screenshot of a published review? Feel free to post your review anywhere. If you send me a screenshot of two or more posts (i.e. Amazon Kindle and Goodreads etc.), I’ll send you the first two blogs. The review can be the same. I just need for it to be posted on two or more different sites (i.e. iBooks, Nook, and Goodreads, etc.) When you send me your screenshot, please let me know where I can find this published review. Deal???

I’ll keep this offer open until the end of Friday. Saturday morning, I’ll drop one (or two) blog(s) your way. Email your screenshotted review to dw@dwcee.com.


A gift for you

Hi there!

I’ve sent a gift to those of you who’ve reviewed John and Els’ Tale. If you’ve written a review, but didn’t receive a gift in your inbox, please holler and let me know (dw@dwcee.com).

Hope you’re all having a great week. I’ll be back with more blogs soon…


From my heart to yours…

John and Els will have you laughing and crying today, just in time for Valentine’s day. Enjoy the Reid.

Kindle US
Kindle UK
Nook – Still publishing

If that’s not enough and you need more tears and laughter, reReid any of the Indelible Love series10,000 Reasons series, Entwined, or the Harmony series.

Happy Valentine’s, Galentine’s day!


John & Els & iBooks = <3

It’s available on iBooks already. If you could write a review when done, I’d appreciate it. Enjoy!


John & Elizabeth Vol. 1 – DONE!

Vol. 1 is done and off to be edited. Pre-order your copy now! Book is will be released on Valentine’s Day.

Amazon Kindle US
Amazon Kindle UK
Nook (No pre-order available, but will release approximately 2/14.)

Have a wonderfully long weekend!


What’s happening + A contest!

Hi Ladies!

It’s been a very long summer and fall for our household. This summer was filled with four trips to the east coast for softball and golf, SAT prep courses for DG (who was a rising sophomore at that time). We went from that to more softball tourneys this fall (every weekend for the past seven weeks, in fact), golf for DG (who decided to try out for and made the school Varsity golf team), and of course, college applications for my son who is a senior this year. After writing SIXTEEN essays/short-answer questions, he applied, early action, and is awaiting acceptances/denials that will arrive mid-December. If he gets in to at least ONE university, our lives are golden and he can apply to more colleges, or not. If he doesn’t get in anywhere, then he needs to apply to a bazillion more schools to spread a far and wide net. UGH! This process is not fun.

John & Elizabeth, on the other hand, has been a whole lot of fun. The story is progressing, though not as quickly as I’d like (due to paragraph one). I have no release date for the first book. Crazy enough, I thought I might have Vol. 1 done by Thanksgiving. HA! What a funny thought! Anyhoo, speaking of Thanksgiving, amidst our chaos, we are headed out of town as of Wednesday. Thus, sadly, I will not be posting blogs until the Monday after Thanksgiving. SORRY!

However, I’ll give all of you a guess at where we are headed for our vacay. Winner will read all the blogs I’ve written so far!!!! You may only enter ONCE and only give ONE answer. Post your answer here or on FB. Think carefully and wisely. Good luck.



Trivia + Teaser

Happy Friday, Ladies!

Since no one figured out the similarity between Elizabeth’s Story and another very familiar Reid tale, Jake’s Story, I will give you the answer as well as a teaser for Monday’s blog. Elizabeth’s blog titles are an (almost) exact replication of her dad’s chapter titles. For those of you who love trying to see where this story might head next, you only need to read Jake’s Story’s titles. However, these are not the same tales so one title might not mean the same thing with different people. Hope you all have exciting plans for the weekend. I am off to Northern California (filled with pollution from the fire) for a softball tournament.

Teaser: Elizabeth: How Much Do I Love Thee?
John leaned over and placed his arms around me. Turning me to face him, he declared, “I’ve been thinking about you here with me since I left you in New York. I know we’re going at a scary pace, but I’m hoping you’re in agreement that we were meant to be. It had to be fate who drew us together the first time in that crazy busy city of Manhattan. If that wasn’t enough, we were destined to meet in Los Angeles at work. Regardless of the signs and wonders Els, I’m attracted to you like I’ve never been attracted to anyone in my twenty-eight years of living. Will you take a great leap of faith and join me in a relationship? Though we’re not even on the blocks yet, I see us at the finish line. Do you agree, Els? Will you walk with me, hands held tight, and see where life takes us?”

(These two are moving fast!)


No winner yet

Keep trying…

Hint: Don’t analyze the story or where it might be going. The answer can be said in one or two words. 



Whatcha think? Team James of Team John? I like them both!

I have a trivia for you. The first correct answer will receive Thursday’s blog, Tuesday night. Please write your answer, HERE, on the website, ONLY (not Facebook). You can guess as many times as you like.

Trivia: There’s something very familiar about Elizabeth’s telling of the blog. Any thoughts on what this is?

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