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Author of Indelible Love

Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story Vol. 2

MichaelandChloe_Vol2Since their last heart-to-heart, Michael, Chloe, and Brendan have changed in every way but in matters of the heart. Much has happened to all three. They grew up. They forged successful careers. They lived in separate parts of the world. However, their hearts remain status quo, circa London ten years ago.

For Chloe, every aspect of her life was a smashing success except for her love life. Living almost a decade without much interaction with the two men who meant so much to her, she is at a loss when they both re-enter her life. Neither appear fazed with the long separation. Both declare their feelings in a way that throws her for a loop.

Michael, twice engaged, tried to forget the girl he promised to love the rest of his life. The past decade, he lived, he loved. Now, older and wiser, he decides living and loving isn’t worth a damn if it isn’t with the woman who’s been a constant on his mind and in his heart. Is it too late to recapture their love from almost two decades ago? Michael works overtime to convince Chloe that she’s the next Bennington Duchess.

Brendan also lived and loved, but in a more reckless fashion. Falling head over heels for a model in Los Angeles, he married too fast, too soon. Divorce came almost as quickly as the marriage. With an adorable son to add to his charming arsenal, he decides to revisit the past. Chloe – the girl he never had a chance to explore a future with, the girl who got away. When a wedding brings her to Los Angeles, he decides it’s time for him to make his move – with his mini-me son serving as wingman. Can these two “Magic Mikes” persuade Chloe to join their family? They pull out all the stops to make sure Chloe doesn’t become the next Bennington Duchess.

Originally published on my website www.dwcee.com, this volume concludes the blog series. An extended version of this ending will be highlighted in Indelible Memories – Estelle’s Story.

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