D.W. Cee

Author of Indelible Love

Indelible Love Series Bundle + Entwined

Indelible Love bundle A “Reidership” was born with the Indelible Love series and it all finally comes together in a single volume to tell the stories of Emily Logan, Jake Reid, Max Davis and Jane Reid.

INDELIBLE LOVE – EMILY’S STORY tells the tale of a sweet-natured and beautiful Emily Logan. Having lost her family at a young age, she craves a life filled with love and family, and Jake Reid is the man to fulfill this longing. While Jake is wining and dining Emily through beautiful cities around the world, Max Davis, her college ex-boyfriend is waiting, looking for a way to recapture the love they once shared. Choosing between two good men might be a dream for some, but for Emily, it causes unspeakable heartache.

INDELIBLE LOVE – JAKE’S STORY tells the tale from Jake Reid’s point of view. He recounts the love story from the second they meet to the days of their happily ever after. All the drama in-between is recounted by a man who could not get enough of Emily Logan from the night they spent together in an ER room. The ultimate romantic and the ideal man, Jake will stop at nothing to win over this reluctant woman he knew would be his wife and mother of his children.

INDELIBLE LOVIN’ – MAX & JANE’S STORY is a series of blogs spread over a nine month span chronicling the life of Max Davis and Jane Reid. Though Max didn’t win Emily’s heart in the earlier story, he believes he won the jackpot with Jane. A tempestuous and feisty Jane Reid loves Max Davis but has a hard time reconciling their different outlooks on life. It also doesn’t help that a gorgeous family friend, Donovan Taylor, keeps veering her off the correct path. It takes a village to keep these two together as all the Reids, Taylors, and Davises work together to make this an entertaining saga. “Reid” this story only if you like a roller coaster of a ride.

A bonus stand-alone story: ENTWINED tells the story of Olivia and Danielle Kingston who love and struggle together when their husband and father die suddenly from a car crash.

Olivia Kingston lived the perfect life with Paul Kingston and their daughter, Danielle. Meeting on the side of a road on a Friday and married by the following Saturday, they adored, cherished and loved till that same side of the road took away her husband and their unborn child. Just as abruptly as half her family was taken away from her, a stranger, who brings light to her darkness, unexpectedly brightens her world. With much laughter and friendship, he, too, promises to spend the rest of his life with her. Amidst all their conflicts, Olivia soon realizes that all fairy tales must come to an end and promises will often be broken. Olivia and Danielle find themselves woven through a beautifully complicated story of finding love, finding heartache, but most importantly, finding the inexplicable joys in husband/wife, mother/child, and friend/lover, relationships.

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