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BEE: Nicholas Gerald Reid!

“Shit, Bee. We said we wouldn’t do this again.” With that good morning, this asshole flew out of my bed and nearly ran out the door when realization struck—he was buck-naked.

“Last I checked, my clothes didn’t rip open on their own. Are you Reid men all that aggressive in bed?” That was my good morning to Nicholas, who grinned. Damn. He was good looking when he grinned. I was so screwed. What the hell! I’d admit he was good looking any which way and form.

“I haven’t asked the other Reid men what they do to woo their women.”

“Woo? You call ripping off my dress and doing me against the wall, wooing? Let me tell you, what you did ends in an ‘ing’, but begins with four very different letters.”

Now he was laughing hard. “Where the hell do you come from, Bee Taylor? I’ve never met anyone like you.”

“Which part makes me so irresistible to you, Nicholas? Charming as your cousin Laney, part? Opinionated but beautiful like your sister Jane, part? Or is it the perfect-all-around like Emily, part? Because I know it isn’t the tall and buxom part like your cousin, dark hair, sparkling blue-eye combo like your sister, or the flawless skin and never-gain-an-ounce-of-weight like your sister-in-law.”

“It’s the bust my balls but still make me drawn to you, part that makes you so charming.” If I ever thought he was going to lie like a doormat, I had another thing coming.

“Where are we going with this, Nicholas? Are we back to being friends with benefits when it’s convenient, are we trying for something steadier, or are you going to get the hell out of here for the fifth time and never see me again…till the next time?”

“Are you asking me to be your boyfriend?”

He laughed.

I laughed.

We both fell back on the bed laughing.

In truth, I wouldn’t have minded having someone like Nick as a boyfriend. At almost thirty, I was no spring chicken but I didn’t consider myself an old maid, either. I had a successful career, a great family, and cool friends who kept me busy. I didn’t need a man to fill my calendar, but a man did keep the bed warm. It was also nice to have someone to talk to about life. However, Nick believed he was going to die a bachelor. A part of me didn’t want to fight it, and the other part wanted to ask him to change. But if he didn’t see my worth, the hell with him.

“Why don’t you go home?” I asked as nonchalantly as possible. I didn’t want to admit to Nick or to myself that I was irritated.

“Are you kicking me out?”

“Weren’t you the one who bolted out of here with his bare ass on display? I’m not stopping you from leaving if you’re so revolted by us sleeping together.”

Bee…” He gave me this tone whenever he had no answer to our unresolved situation.

“I get it. You like doing me against the wall, but you don’t want to date me.”

“What’s going on today? You’re not acting like your usual carefree self. Why the sudden rant about relationships?”

Rant? Did this asshole think I was ranting and begging him to be in a relationship with me? “Just go home, Nicholas. I still have to finish Donovan and Laney’s wedding gifts.”

Nick put his clothes back on but didn’t take his eyes off me. I didn’t know what he thought he was accomplishing by staring at me while his very erect figure, hung.

Nicholas Gerald Reid—6’ 4”, dark hair, blue eyes, just like his siblings, but taller, better built, and a rascal. If Jake was the quintessential good-looking, jet-black hair, shiny blue-eyed man who made women stop and take a second look, Nick was the younger, don’t-give-a-damn, just-wanna-enjoy-life, man. He charmed women with not only his good looks, but also with his carefree personality. Jake was the ideal Reid. Nick was the fun Reid. I liked this fun Reid, but wondered if we’d had enough fun for now, and if I should ask for a commitment.

Watching my nephew Donovan fall in love and court his fiancée, Delaney, there were too many times where I’d wished for that kind of adoration. Was I willing to give up the freedom of doing what I wanted to do without anyone getting on my case? This was always the dilemma for me—my freedom vs. the security of a relationship.

“What are you being so spacey about? You’re zoning.” Nick was done getting dressed but hadn’t left.

“It’s nothing.” There was not a chance in hell I was going to tell Nick about my insecurities. “Make sure to close the door on your way out. I’m hopping in the shower.” With that, I left him standing there and jumped in the cold shower to wake myself up from an unrealistic fantasy.

After that unwelcomed wake-up call, I got downstairs to my kitchen and was peeved, again. Nick had left. Was I an idiot? What made me think he’d stick around? My last words were for him to close the door on his way out. He hadn’t left a note, started my coffee, or in the least, shouted out a good-bye while I was showering. Hell! I needed to get Nicholas Reid off my mind.

“What are you doing here at this hour?” I answered a frantic ringing-of-the-door with very little enthusiasm.

“What kind of welcome is that for your soon-to-be niece who brings you presents?”

It was too early to face Delaney, but thankfully she arrived after Nick left.

“It’s the kind of welcome for someone who doesn’t call to let me know she’s coming.” I was still irritated by my morning interaction with her damn cousin.

“Um…you get up on the wrong side of the bed?” Delaney giggled. “Nick didn’t do his job properly last night? Is he an under-performer?”

“What the hell makes you think Nicholas was here?” Shit! That was said too emphatically to sound nonchalant.

“Nicholas, huh? Is Nicholas Gerald what you yell out right at the point of climax?” Donovan was rubbing off on her. She was being smug!

“Impudent child!” I admonished but laughed together with her. “How was Switzerland?”

“Don’t know, but my fiancé was beautiful!”

Here it was…the fairy tale love story! “Please, spare me the details!”

“I think we skied once the entire time I was there. We didn’t leave the hotel room for three days straight. We only had to leave when housekeeping was absolutely necessary.”

“Damn you, Delaney Reid! I told you I didn’t want any details!”

“Oh Auntie! Your nephew is the most romantic man. I am so in love with him.”

“Are you here to torture me with your gory tales of love and sex?” If I was irritated earlier, now, I was thoroughly pissed with her happy mood.

“I’m here to give you a gift!”

“And what are you gifting your dear old aunt?”

“There are two seats left on Grandfather’s plane bound for London in a few days. I’ve put your name and Nick’s name down for those empty seats.” This girl was smiling so much I thought her face would break.

“And why the hell would I go to London?”

“For many reasons…to see the sights, to get another Mr. Whippy cone, to buy more boxes of Flakes, to check in with your vendors, to help all of us move our stuff back home, because Nick will be there…”

“What the hell? You signed me up to be your mover?”

“Kind of? It’ll be fun! Have you ever been on my grandfather’s plane? Donovan says it’s the ultimate luxury. Plus, there’s a bunch of us going. We’ll have a great time!”

“Does Nick know he’s going?”

“He does. I just told him when I caught him leaving your building at a very early hour. Tsk-tsk! Keeping secrets from your niece? You know there are no secrets in the Reid-Taylor families.” There was the reason why she had that cat got the canary look since she arrived. “Care to share any details?”

“No! Now get out. I have added work because you’re forcing me to Europe as your hired hand.”

“Donovan will be thrilled with the news!”

“Whatever. Good-bye!” I literally pushed her out the door. She left with an even more self-satisfied smile.

London with Nick? Had potential.

24 Responses to BEE: Nicholas Gerald Reid!

  1. bazzlec says:

    what happen to the 5th story?????????????????

  2. Melany says:

    Ok I didn’t read Donovan and Laney story . I know I know. I will soon … For some reason I don’t like laney but I Love the way Bee n Nick is starting out… I’m excited… Ok DW… I’m ready for this story

    • Karmine says:

      Melany, there was a point in my life as a “reid-er” that I considered not reading UA b/c Laney and Donovan didn’t appeal to me. But reading their story is worth it 🙂 I hope that “soon” of yours is tomorrow, today, or in a few minutes! hahahahaha! By the way, no, I’m not being biased. Jake and Emily’s still my favorite (might get replaced by Nick and Bee though hahahaha) with Max and Jane, and Laney and Donovan on the same level so far:)

  3. Gloria Lampel says:

    I totally agree with Kim, Karmine24 & Ashley. can’t wait for more. Love that Reid family.

  4. ssmarquart says:

    Loved the new blog! Can’t wait until Thursday!!!!!!

  5. Edie says:

    You only get one chance to start a story they say. I would say that DW Cee gets a 10 for an amazing beginning can’t wait till Thursday! I think Bee could rock someones world with her spunk!

  6. kimbery1073 says:

    Yeah!! So excited they are back!!

  7. Yayyyyy so excited, I love the first blog and I already love Bree!!!

  8. karen says:

    Really enjoyed the first blog, looking forward to more. Nick is going to a Jack the lad, hope that Nick and bee keep on clashing – makes for interesting making up

  9. DCT says:

    Let the fun begin! I forgot how much fun it is to wake up to a new adventure on Mondays and Thusdays, and it looks like this one is going to be a fun adventure indeed! Thanks DW

  10. Beth says:

    Great start to a Monday morning!!

  11. nancy says:

    Thank you for making Monday morning bearable again!

  12. bazzlec says:

    yes yes yes sex it always the best way to start off. so glad i’m getting my reid fix

  13. Erin says:

    Love Bee!

  14. Karen Hrdlicks says:

    Thanks DW, great way to start the week! Love their banter, this is going to be great, both are wonderful characters.

  15. So excited for Nick and Bee’s story. I’m hoping this will have a HEA with them together. Can’t wait to read Nick’s point of view.
    Thanks DW. Love your stories!

  16. Yvette Hayes says:

    I love the back and forth with these two!! Can’t wait to hear what is going through each of their thoughts as they interact!

  17. Jodi Pollard says:

    Woo Hoo I love that we have a Monday and Thursday blog again and I can also see there will be lots of comments when we all get frustrated with the story line because it isn’t going in the direction that we will all be hoping for. Thanks DW for giving your reiders something more than any of the other authors.

  18. Lindsay R says:

    You never disappoint!! Can’t wait to ‘Reid’ more! 🙂

  19. Bonnie says:

    As always, you’ve out done yourself DW!!!

  20. Ellen Christensen says:

    Yay! Let the blogs begin. Nick and Bee sound like they’ll be a great REID.

  21. Kim says:

    Amazing now all I want is moooooore but I will wait patiently until Thursday I forgot how addicted the blogs get 🙂

  22. karmine24 says:

    ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! HERE IT IS!!! I can just see how many loops, and drops this rollercoaster ride has! I’m so excited to read more of Nick & Bee’s blogs <3 I love Bee already! Her woman dilemmas <3 "freedom vs. the security of relationships" oh yeah, that is definitely one hell of a dilemma! I loved it DW Cee! I can't wait for Thursday to see something new, since this blog was at the end of UA I think hahahaha.

  23. So excited for a new storyline! Totally worth waiting up until 2am during finals week! Great job as always, D.W.!

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