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BEE: New(s) York, Man

“What are you laughing at?” Nick asked once we finished having a quickie after teasing and being teased all day. “You better not be laughing at the fact that I lasted all of four minutes this round. It’s not my fault that you were a tease all day.”

“Oh, I was the tease when you placed your hand on my inner thigh at dinner? At least I teased in private. You do know your brother could see your hand from his seat at the head of the table? And you didn’t last four minutes. It was more like two!” I scoffed at his accusation.

“So? What if I was having a little fun at the dinner table?”

“Sure. Turn me into the slut in front of your family.” I got up from bed to clean up our mess. “Just so you know, I wasn’t laughing at your in-and-out performance. I’m still laughing about the plane ride over here.”

“Shit. I’m sorry. I thought you and I would have a quiet vacation here without a Reid or Taylor.” ‘Without a Reid or Taylor…’ What a joke! Nick and I were told to show up to the plane, early Saturday morning. Waiting for us with the biggest grins on their faces were Jake and Emily plus three, Donovan and Laney, and Max and Jane. Doug bailed as soon as he learned all six of them were flying together. He told Nick he didn’t want anyone making wrong assumptions about him and Ruby. They teased us the entire five-hour plane ride asking for details about our “secret getaway.” Nick and I resorted to playing with the twins to get away from the adults. “Max and Jane promised to vacate the other bedroom on New Year’s Day. Since they spent last New Year’s Eve here in New York, they wanted to do the same this year.”

“It’s all good, Nicholas. Your family is fun. I enjoy spending time with them. What should we do tomorrow?” I asked before stepping in the shower.

“I’m one step ahead of you. I thought I’d be the perfect friend with benefits and help you all morning when you go to the mart. I heard you tell Emily tonight you needed to meet with some vendors and suppliers.”

Should it have pissed me off that he called me a “friend with benefits” or should it have made me happy that he was willing to be my errand boy all morning?

“Is that what we are calling each other? Friends with benefits?”

“Um…” He was hesitant, but not hesitant enough. “Well we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, and we’re not exactly platonic friends, so friends with benefits seem to be the best way to describe this…situation.”

He was too afraid to call this idiotic status of ours, a relationship. That straw broke this camel’s back. I had had enough. I was tired of being a second-class citizen in his life and I was tired of being his bedmate. Rather than taking a shower, I started packing my bags.

Nick whistled his way to the kitchen to get a snack with no freaking clue what I was doing and how I was feeling. I finished packing, walked out to the living room, and called out, “Goodbye.”

“Where the hell are you going?”

I didn’t want his lame attempt at rectifying or justifying this situation. And I sure as hell didn’t want him to know he was starting to mean something to me. Stupid me! I was hoping this trip might finalize us as a couple. I looked at him with a schooled expression and answered, “I don’t know. Either I’ll go to a hotel, or I’m going back home once I get all my errands done tomorrow.”

“I don’t understand why you’re leaving. What did I do? What happened in the last five minutes that got you upset enough to make you want to leave?”

Damn idiot! “I think I’m done with our friends with benefits relationship…or no…let me correct myself…not a relationship, a ‘situation.’ I am done having you as a bedmate, I don’t need your help as an errand boy, and I sure as hell don’t want to be with somebody who’s embarrassed to be with me. Have a nice life, Nicholas Reid.”

Stupid me, again, expected an obligatory stop-at-the-front-door or at least a follow-me-out-to-the-hallway-and-try-and-convince-me-to-come-back scenario. I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised when none of that happened.

What the hell, now?

I wasn’t going to feel sorry for myself or was I going to be upset that this relationship never happened. I marched myself over to Ruby’s apartment and knocked on her door.

“Bee!” Michael surprisingly answered the door. I walked in without an invitation. “Are you…moving in with us…?” He stared at my suitcase.

“What brings you here?” I asked this stupid question. “I thought you were staying in London.”

“I…live here.” He was at a loss for words. “No let me rephrase that, I don’t live here, but this is one of our family homes. I will be here temporarily.”

I glossed over what he said and asked, “Ruby’s not here?”

“She was supposed to come in last night with me but she had an event she needed to attend back in London. She’s arriving tomorrow morning, instead.”

Knowing Ruby wasn’t here, I felt deflated. I was lost. Though Ruby and I were not close friends, she was a friend I felt I could count on. She had sent me this address and welcomed me to her apartment any time. I was hoping I could find a friend in her as I did in Laney.

I picked up my suitcase, turned around and said, “Will you let Ruby know that I was here? Never mind. I’ll call her when I get situated in a hotel.”

“Wait!” A man finally stopped me from leaving. “Do you need a place to stay? You are welcomed to stay here. Ruby and I only take up two out of the seven bedrooms. We are not exactly lacking for space.”

“I’m not very good company right now. I don’t know if you’ll want to be with me.”

“I haven’t been very good company since August. We can brood together.”

Michael made me to laugh at my pathetic situation. Deciding this was where I wanted to be, and Michael was the friend I needed, I promised, “Tomorrow, after I finish taking care of business…you, me, dinner and drinks! I’m buying.”

This time, we were finishing our conversation from the pub!

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11 Responses to BEE: New(s) York, Man

  1. Karen Hrdlicka says:

    Boy I hope Nick has a small foot! Why don’t men think before they speak? I foresee for Michael ending up friend zoned again. Poor guy, he needs to find a new gene pool to fish in.

  2. Ellen Christensen says:

    So I see Nick has graduated from the school of Open Mouth, Insert Foot. When will these guys learn to think before they speak? Michael seems to be around just at the right time to swoop in and try to steal Bee. Seriously, Nick are you really that blind ? Great blog as always DW

  3. Lori smith says:

    Damn that Nick. Is he following I the “stupid” footsteps of he
    Is soon to be brother in law Max in the beginning of his and Kane’s relationship? Get your head outta your butt Nick!!!!! Man up

  4. Maria says:

    I agree with all above comments. D. W., when you write the males part is this from your personal character development or do you ask a male for his perspective?

  5. Cynthia says:

    Oh no poor Michael. Not again. Always the other ( nice) guy women turn to. I have to say I wasn’t as fond of him in UA – maybe cuz I was partial to Donovan- but so far I like him here. Nick oh Nick he is such a MAN. Lol. He’s going to be his own worst enemy.

  6. kimbery1073 says:

    It was only an amount of time for “when” Nick was going to stick his foot iin his mouth again. Someone must have done a real good job on him in the past for him to be so anti-relationships!!

    Maybe rebound sex with Michael will be just the thing to open his eyes!!!

  7. Karmine says:

    DCT, Ashley and Jodi nailed it today. They have commented perfectly for this blog! But seriously! Does Michael really need to be the other guy on this picture? Sighs, I guess I grew fond of Michael during the times he appeared on UA.

    As for Nick and Bee, I just want to say that gosh, they’re such a man and woman. Hahahaha. Mr. I-want-you-but-I-don’t-want-to-be-tied-down and Ms. I’m-not-your-toy-but-I-love-you-please-open-your-eyes-already. Nick and Bee, how long will we keep repeating this cycle?! The tease, the action, the drama and then make-up and repeat all over again?! GOSH! Loving this series too much already!

  8. Jodi Pollard says:

    It is a little hot in here…… Oh wait that is just Nick and Bee…. I thought Nick was stepping up but he is just putting his foot in his mouth each time he opens it. I love Bee she has a great sense of humor. I love how Michael is still in the books/blogs as it was nice to learn about him in UA so it is nice that he is still around.

  9. Love it as usual, but my heart is already breaking for Michael this early in the storyline. It’s pretty much inevitable that Nick and Bee end up together (it is their blog after all) and poor Michael is going to get his heart broken again it seems. I think he’s going to need his own story soon D.W. So he can have a happily ever after too.

  10. DCT says:

    WOW DW! What I love about this series with Nick and Bee is that it shows how differently men and women are wired. Nick is feeling like his is being upfront and honest, and Bee is feeling like Nick should be able to read her mind. The reality is that men and women don’t attach the same emotions to the act. She keeps expecting him to figure things out without the benefit of knowing how she really feels. How complicated,lol! Funny how she escapes into the arms of Michael. This is getting good!

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