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Back to Reality + Teasers

I’m back from paradise, trying to switch gears from ocean view to gridlock view. (I live in LA, remember?)  It’s weird how quickly reality trumps fantasy.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the Paradise Lost picture on my FB page, but the moment I saw an aerial view of all the glittering lights, I knew I was back to reality.

To get me back to my happy place, I decided to send out a few teasers.  Tomorrow’s post is a bit short and slightly different.  I suppose you could say it’s Jane’s monologue.  It’s called, Hung up on the details.  After this one, you’ll all get what you’ve been looking for (cryptic much?) and then some!  50 Shades of Grey, Sea-foam Goddess, high school sweetheart, a wedding, and three shocking confessions are all a part of the next few weeks’ blogs.  If you think you’ve seen twists and turns…you ain’t seen nothing yet!

As always, I love hearing from you via comments on the blog or via email dw@dwcee.com.  Enjoy tomorrow’s teaser.

02-21-2013 Hung up on the details
You all are probably wondering if we did the deed last weekend up in that cozy log cabin?  Should I leave things hanging?  I’m not one to kiss and tell but…


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  1. Anfa says:

    They sooooo did!

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