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Answers to your questions

Several of you have asked some of the same questions so I thought I’d address it all in one post.

1. Can I still get autographed books?
Yes! I have books available if you want them. Look in the bookstore on my webpage. And yes, Emily’s Story has two deleted chapters and Jake’s Story has a short bonus chapter detailing more of the wedding reception and night.

2. How come Kobo and Kindle don’t have NPA pre-orders?
I don’t know why Kobo has not put up NPA as a pre-order. They are one of the three e-retailers who allow for pre-orders. As for Kindle, though it’s easy to publish with them, they don’t give indie authors such perks. For now, pre-orders are available only through iBooks and Nook.

A side note on NPA – Although it follows the same story line as UA, it feels like an entirely different book. There are copious scenes that couldn’t be written into UA or the book would have been over 1,000 pages. You’ll be amazed at the tidal wave of emotions you’ll feel listening to a man talk. I’ve cried several times already!

3. When will MJ’s Wedding be ready?
MJ’s Wedding will hopefully be up as a pre-order for iBooks and Nook, soon. (I just need to sleep less to crank that one out, along with NPA and NB’s blog.) I’m hoping for a June 2014 release date, but I don’t know. It’ll definitely be some time during the summer.

4. Indelible Love Series Bundle and iBooks?
It has yet to be approved for iBooks and Nook distribution. When??? IDK!!!

5. Is my Guess Who? answer correct?
I thought I gave you ladies an easy quote but I’ve yet to see a correct answer! Just kidding!!! I see correct answers is all I’ll say. You still have almost four hours left. Post your answer on the Guess Who? blog. Only answers posted there will count.

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  1. karmine says:

    question regarding #3.

    MJ will have another book called MJ’s wedding?!

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