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All the paperbacks are here!

photoGridImageI received my copies of UA and MJ in the mail today which means, I am now able to order these paperback books. For those of you who have ordered already, I have a record, so no need to do anything. For those of you who would like to order an autographed copy, please place your orders soon. Because of the cost of the two larger books, I will only be ordering twenty of them. If you order soon, I will add you to my list. These books will also be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble but those copies will not be autographed.

Autographed copies of Emily’s Story and Jake’s Story are still available through my Bookstore. Please remember that if you choose to buy a book through the other retailers, it will not be signed and there is no teaser.

Hope you are all enjoying Nick & Bee’s blog. I wrote another one today while sitting in my daughter’s orchestra performance (I gotta do what I gotta do…) and I had to stop because I wanted to cry. There’s your teaser for the day.

7 Responses to All the paperbacks are here!

  1. Maria says:

    The printed books are they All printed with identical reiding as the ebooks? I thought I read in one of your posts there was added reiding in Emily’s Story & Jake’s Story this is in addition to the teaser you included with the books.

    • D.W. says:

      Emily’s Story and Jake’s Story have a few added chapter(s) to them but the other two books are the same as the e-books.

  2. Camille Eh says:

    Cant wait to get them too.. Wooohoooo more teasers for me!! Merry Christmas to me!

  3. ssmarquart says:

    What do u mean by no teaser if not ordering from you?

  4. Karen Hrdlicka says:

    Yeah!!!!! Can’t wait to see them in my mailbox.

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